App Review – Don’t Drop Ball

Today’s App Review is Don’t Drop Ball by Nob Studio. I am a big fan of ball balancing games like Aerox and this App is very similar but with a twist. The App itself is very good and you have to try and get the ball around the circuit without crashing which is quite challenging. However, after a few levels when you are getting into it you encounter the ‘twist’. Even though I had previously read about what was going to happen I had gotten into the App and having a lot of fun and my eyes were so focused on keeping the ball in line that when that so-called twist came along I was kind of taken by surprise.

The App is fun and I think it would definitely make a good April Fools prank. The only complaint is that I wish there was an option to play without the prank. The App is really good and would be a perfect game if the developers were to consider using the design as an option within this App or as an other App.

I should add that the App description warns that the in-app surprise may cause people to drop your device and break it. I don’t think this is likely but just in case it does happen I did warn you!

To get the free App and fool your friends you can download it from HERE

App Review – Wizard of OZ

Today’s App Review is The Wizard of Oz by Warner Bros. There are many building games out there from Farmville to Cafeworld and Smurf Village. I was a big Farmville player in the past but quit after a couple of years and totally steered clear of these type Apps. Having tried Smurf Village I wasn’t too impressed  but this App is pretty awesome.

The aim of the game is to build the yellow brick road and find Dorothy’s way home. Along the way you meet Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion. You build houses and the munchkins help you along the way. The controls are quite difficult to remember what is where but the training at the start is really good I wouldn’t recommend skipping it.

My favorite part of the App is that instead of getting annoying add pop-ups you instead getting pop-up videos of scenes from the movie and the App also features music and audio from the movie which is a must for any Wizard of Oz fan.
I had expected this to be a cheap rip-off which unfortunately is the case for many of these type Apps but I am really enjoying it.

The one downside is that like many of these Apps it does include in-app purchases which at first isn’t made clear. I won’t be purchasing extra emeralds but so far haven’t needed them.

Another downside is the fact that the App takes a bit to load each time which isn’t too bad but the App does crash quite a bit and the loading time becomes tiresome. From what I can see the App is only a few weeks old so hopefully the crashing issue will be fixed in future updates

To try the App for free you can download it from HERE

App Review – IMDB Trivia

Today’s App Review is IMDB Trivia by Playfield Apps. When searching for yesterday’s IMDB link in the App store I came across this entertaining App which challenges you on movie trivia the answers for which are easily found on IMDB.

Test your knowledge of the movies and actors with this fun App. There are many different play modes for example you can match quotes with actors, movies with years, actor photos with movies etc. There are 5 different levels of difficulty so you can start off easy and move on up. You can also challenge yourself to match posters with movies as well as blurred photos with celebrities.

The App links in with IMDB so you can also check out trivia and more information.

You can also share your scores via social media and compete against others in the game center.

The App is fun for any movie fan and a good challenge. You can download it for free from HERE

App Review – Dragon’s Den

Today’s App Review is Dragon’s Den by 2waytraffic. I have been trying out Apps based on TV shows and while some like The Crystal Maze have been great others like The Cube have been total disasters.

Dragon’s Den is a lot of fun. You get to be the Dragon of your choice and entrepreneurs come in a pitch their ideas. You have to decide whether the idea is for you and if so you have to decide what money to offer them and for what %. You also have to compete against fellow Dragons because your investment has to be the most appealing or else you are pretty much out. If you don’t want to invest you can sit it out. Of course I sat a few goldmines out trying to see how it worked and typically my first investment was a total flop and put my bank account in the red. There is also the challenge that after pitching you may be challenged to make a better offer so just when you think you have it you may not.

The pitches are fun and the competitions is fun. I can see it getting a little boring down the road but for now I am having a lot of fun making and losing money with the security that it is all virtual so unlike the real Dragons I have no fear of losing real money.

There is multiplayer mode so if you have friends with devices you can all battle it out.

To get the App you can download it from HERE

App Review – 4 Pics 1 Word

Today’s App Review is 4 Pics 1 Word by LOTUM. I have seen this App appear on the walls of many of my friends social media pages mostly because they are asking for help. This did turn me off playing the App because it did look really difficult to play.

However, the other day I gave in and absolutely love it. The App presents you with four different pictures and you have to decide what word describes them all. Sure it is challenging but the App has the right balance in there. Instead of starting off easy and reaching the point of it being impossible to play resulting in my giving up it gradually gets difficult. The good thing though is that if you get a hard word it is usually followed by a few easy ones so that you regain your confidence and forget about the frustration. The words are also universally accessible in that they are mostly simple words like cold, run, jump, climb etc. With similar games I have also encountered issues with a lot of US words being used which is a drawback for international users.

There is an option to use points to reveal certain letters but what I have found is that the words often come to you long before you need to do this. If you need help you can also post the picture on Facebook for all your friends to see. This is kind of like an ask the audience option.

The one issue that really annoys me are the ads which appear far too frequently. I would gladly pay to remove them but this doesn’t appear to be an option.

The game is free and a lot of fun to try out if you want to give it a go you can download it from HERE.

App Review – Word Wit.

Today’s App Review is Word Wit by Ballpoint Inc. English is quite often difficult to to understand especially if it is not your first language but even if it is there are always words like their, there, they’re and affect and effect that confuse people time and time again.

Word wit is a fun App that illustrates the difference spin the colorful wheel and you are presented with two similar sounding but different words. Once the words pop up you can then click on them to get a full explanation of both words and the difference as well as an example of a sentence the words are used in. You can then choose to ‘master’ a word. When you choose this the App gives you a sentence and you are challenged to choose the correct word. After you get a certain amount of correct answers you then master the word.

If you do have difficulties with telling the difference between these words and more this is a great App that will teach you through the fun games and quizzes and even if you think you know it all you can try it out and see if you are good enough to master these words.

You can share your progress via Facebook, LinkedIn, Email and Twitter.

The App can be downloaded from HERE

App Review – Vegas Towers

Today’s App Review is Vegas Towers by SiuYiu Limited. This App brings me back to my early gaming days in the 90’s and Sims Towers. Back then the aim of the game was to build a tower as high as you could with shops, rooms, restaurants and as much as you could cram into the space. The goal is to keep rooms clean, guests happy and keep that money rolling in.

This App is a perfect tribute to the older Sims Towers App whilst at the same time being a more modernised version. What I really love is the name of the shops and restaurants which are a twist on well known restaurants so although names like; NAP, Taco Hut, Metro or Forever 21 may not sound like our top high street stores the appearance of the store front allow us to recognise them as well known retails and food outlets like GAP, Taco Bell, Subway, Forever 21. You can also built movie theatres or vegas clubs which are very interactive. I especially like how the theatres show real movies like Batman.

While the goal is to build a tower as tall as you can you have to be careful because if you try to do it too fast it will be a disaster.

Along the way you are forced with challenges such as restaurants burning down and unhappy customers but this adds to the fun.
There are also challenges that earn you money. For example you get a reward when you successfully rent 25 commercial units or when you demolish 10 units.

If you are out of inspiration you can go and head on over to some other towers and see how other people are doing which is always fun and there are some really amazing ones out there.

So if you think you have got what it takes to keep your customers and guests happy you can download the App for free HERE.

App Review – Sphero Apps

Today’s I am going to review something a little different I am going to review Sphero iOS accessory and the associated Apps. Searching the App store for Apps to review I stumbled across Sphero Apps and at the time was disappointed that they required you to purchase a $100 accessory in order to use them.

I was lucky enough to get a present of a Sphero recently and was very excited to download the Apps. Sphero is a round ball which vibrates, changes color, floats in water and rolls around the floor when instructed by an App. It is very interactive and a user has full control over it. There are over 20 different Apps available and they vary from game Apps, music Apps, augmented reality Apps and an App for pets. The augmented reality and pets Apps appealed to me right away and were among the initial Apps I downloaded. The App for animals makes the ball vibrate and roll across the floor. My cat found it a lot of fun especially the boosts which make it move crazily across the floor and the function to change colors. The App did have her amused but this didn’t capture her attention as long as an 80cent feather toy from the pet store.

Sharky the Beaver is an augmented reality App and it was also a lot of fun and once you had your little character placed where you wanted you could throw donuts and cakes around the room. This worked very like string augmented reality Apps and was a lot of fun.

My favorite of the Apps is Sphero Exile which works pretty much like space invaders and you use the Sphero as a control for it.

You can also use your inbuilt device camera to record Sphero which is especially handy if your pet is playing with Sphero. For android users you can download Sphero cam App for iOS users the function is built into the Sphero App and can be activated in the bottom right corner options of the App

All in all Sphero is a lot of fun and I am glad I have given it a try. I do think it is overpriced and that $50 would have been more than enough to pay for it.

There are a few things that I do not like and this is mainly to do with the Apps. The website is very deceiving and says that there are over 20 free Apps. This does not mean there are 20 free Apps for iOS devices in fact there are actually  7 paid iOS Apps costing from 89cent there are also there are many Apps that are only available on the Google Play store and in reverse many not available for Google Play users. For iOS users there is a total of 18 available Apps 7 of which are free so the claim of over 20 free Apps should really be rephrased.

Another thing is the search function in the iTunes store. If you type in Sphero you will not get the full selection of Apps for example Sharky the Beaver is not shown. To get these Apps you then need to search further or look up their names.

All that being said if you have the spare cash I would recommend getting one. They are tons of fun for people (and animals!) of all ages.

To buy a Sphero check it out HERE

You can find available Apps HERE

What is Sphero? from Sphero on Vimeo.

App Review – St. Patrick’s Runner.

Today’s App Review is St. Patrick’s Runner by MTree Enterprises LLC. First of all Dóchas linn Naomh Pádraig (Happy St. Patrick’s Day) Searching around for an appropriate App which didn’t depict all Irish as drunks – seriously App developers we aren’t I came across this pretty cool game. St. Patrick’s Day runner takes on the same kind of form as the traditional Mario games which have been remade in several forms for iOS devices including the popular Lep’s World.

The aim of the game is to get your runner to grab as many shamrocks as possible without falling or tripping over obstacles and you also have to avoid snakes and flying unicorns. As an Irish person I hate to say it but I LOVE this game filled with rainbows and a skinny leprechaun and all things mythical. The only complaint is that I was so distracted by the pretty unicorns that I kept dying…awww! The graphics are basic but beautiful and there is nothing much to the game other than the one continious level so not extra challenges but it is fairly fun and challenging. The little guy runs pretty fast too so you can’t take it easy.

The only complaint I have is that the ads pop up very regularly on the free version and are quite irritating especially when your little character keeps running while you are trying to x out of the ad. Sad to say that the ads were the cause of many Leprechaun casualties but there is an option to get rid of them with an in-app purchase.

If you’re a fan of games like Mario give this one a go although graphics and game play wise Lep’s world has my vote in terms of quality and stability.

For the day that’s in it  you can download it the App from HERE.

App Review – The Cube

Today’s App review is The Cube by All3media. Having watched the tv show of the same name I was excited to try the game out. There is a series of different mini games in each case you have to try and beat the cube. While some games are easy others are challenging to the stage of annoying.

While the game is similar it does have quite a few bugs. Design wise it is sometimes hard to actually balance your device at the right angle in order to be able to play the game. I found this really annoying and so did a few people I had try it. The one major issue I had was that the App gets stuck in games. The last game I played requires you to count dots in a limited time. Of course I didn’t angle my ipad right so totally missed the dots. I tried to guess the number just so that I could restart the game but once the keyboard disappeared I could not exit the challenge. I tried to quit the game and restarted the App but it is still stuck in that one challenge. I uninstalled the App but had the same result when the App got caught up in a different ones of the challenges.

For now I will be sticking to the tv show but hope that the developers will work on these issues so that I can actually play the it. The game has great potential so I hope that they will take the time to work on this.

If you want to give the App a go it can be downloaded from HERE