App Review – Sphero Apps

Today’s I am going to review something a little different I am going to review Sphero iOS accessory and the associated Apps. Searching the App store for Apps to review I stumbled across Sphero Apps and at the time was disappointed that they required you to purchase a $100 accessory in order to use them.

I was lucky enough to get a present of a Sphero recently and was very excited to download the Apps. Sphero is a round ball which vibrates, changes color, floats in water and rolls around the floor when instructed by an App. It is very interactive and a user has full control over it. There are over 20 different Apps available and they vary from game Apps, music Apps, augmented reality Apps and an App for pets. The augmented reality and pets Apps appealed to me right away and were among the initial Apps I downloaded. The App for animals makes the ball vibrate and roll across the floor. My cat found it a lot of fun especially the boosts which make it move crazily across the floor and the function to change colors. The App did have her amused but this didn’t capture her attention as long as an 80cent feather toy from the pet store.

Sharky the Beaver is an augmented reality App and it was also a lot of fun and once you had your little character placed where you wanted you could throw donuts and cakes around the room. This worked very like string augmented reality Apps and was a lot of fun.

My favorite of the Apps is Sphero Exile which works pretty much like space invaders and you use the Sphero as a control for it.

You can also use your inbuilt device camera to record Sphero which is especially handy if your pet is playing with Sphero. For android users you can download Sphero cam App for iOS users the function is built into the Sphero App and can be activated in the bottom right corner options of the App

All in all Sphero is a lot of fun and I am glad I have given it a try. I do think it is overpriced and that $50 would have been more than enough to pay for it.

There are a few things that I do not like and this is mainly to do with the Apps. The website is very deceiving and says that there are over 20 free Apps. This does not mean there are 20 free Apps for iOS devices in fact there are actually  7 paid iOS Apps costing from 89cent there are also there are many Apps that are only available on the Google Play store and in reverse many not available for Google Play users. For iOS users there is a total of 18 available Apps 7 of which are free so the claim of over 20 free Apps should really be rephrased.

Another thing is the search function in the iTunes store. If you type in Sphero you will not get the full selection of Apps for example Sharky the Beaver is not shown. To get these Apps you then need to search further or look up their names.

All that being said if you have the spare cash I would recommend getting one. They are tons of fun for people (and animals!) of all ages.

To buy a Sphero check it out HERE

You can find available Apps HERE

What is Sphero? from Sphero on Vimeo.

App Review – Figure

Today’s App review is Figure by Propellerhead.

Figure is a really good and for 89cent cheap music making App. You can layer different lines of music on top of each other using different instruments to create your tune.
Using drums, bass and lead synth ŷou don’t need any prior music making skills to use it and it is fun to see what you can create.

To get the App you can download it from HERE

App Review – iMashup

Today’s App Review is iMashup by Mixed in Key.

I don’t think anything can really beat Garageband in music creation Apps but the draw back to that is it is pretty expensive and often something that turns people off getting it. iMashup is probably the next best App I have used. If you have ever wanted to mix pop with rock or classical with hip hop then this is the App for you.

For just 2.69 you can add two songs together and adjust the audio levels and mix as you go. Without the experience of a DJ you can be your own DJ. This App gives you incredible control over the audio and allows you to experiment with tunes and affects. I had a lot of fun creating cool mixes with this App and would definitely recommend trying it out.

So if you always say that you want to be a composer when you grow up then why not download it HERE.

App Review – Smule Piano

Today’s App Review is Smule Piano by Smule.

Smule are one of the top music App developers and have come out with some great original Apps which challenger the user and take music making to the next level.

Smule Piano is no different. The App offers a rang of different music from classical to modern and allows the user to play along and to the music. This App is designed similar to Tap Tap Revenge where there is a sequence of dots and you have to follow them and tap when the beat is right. Unlike it’s competitors Smule Piano give players the opportunity to play against other users from all over the world so one minute you are playing in your living room the next you are connected and playing with someone from lands afar.

I would definitely recommend this App and you can download it from HERE.


App Review – Shazam

Today’s App review is Shazam by Shazam Entertainment LTD.

Shazam is an oldie but a bestie. Have you ever heard a song on the radio or in a store or on the tv and spent ages racking your brain trying to remember what it is called and who sung it ? Well if that’s you then you totally need this App. It is also great if you suddenly hear a song you love that you want to look up later.

When I got my first iOS device Shazam was one of the first Apps I got and it has been on any other device I have gotten ever since. Amongst my friends the App is now associated with the phrase ‘Shazam it’ just like you would say ‘Google it”. All the App needs is a few seconds and it will either identify the song or not have a clue about it. I have found that 9 out of 10 times the App usually finds my song and my taste in music is not exactly the type you would hear on the radio.

Once a song is ‘Shazamed” you have the option to share the result, download the song on iTunes or view the music video. For demonstration purposes I must admit I just tested out the App while watching the X factor and it was able to tell me what the song was and what episode of X Factor it was from. Impressive given that the show is currently live and not recorded.

The App also keeps a record of all the tags so you can search songs you looked up earlier.

The best news of all is that the App is totally free and can be downloaded here.