App Review – Video Scribe HD

Todays App Review is Video Scribe HD by Sparkol

I discovered Video Scribe HD some time back and love the features in it as well as the style of the videos but the price of the desktop version always put me off. I kept putting off the 7 day trial but recently signed up for a movie and loved it. Problem is that the desktop version costs €15o per year and I can’t see myself using it enough to justify that. So after trying out the desktop version and loving it i figured I would chance paying €4.49 for the App version. I was more than a little surprised to discover that it includes all the features of the 7 day trial and I even found it a lot more user friendly. Some features such as changing the size of an image can be a slow to get right on the desktop version however can be done in seconds in the App.

I tried out a short project adding the same images and text and features and did a desktop and iPad version. The iPad version took me less than half the time to get right. Sometimes iPad versions of software fail but this one absolutely destroys the computer version and I will never be touching it again. This App was really meant for iPad.

The App allows you to post videos to social media or save a copy to your camera roll or Dropbox so the videos are easily accessible and not just stored online which I thought they might be.

So if you are looking for a different and found video creator definitely check out Video Scribe and look no further than the App which for a fraction of the cost does the same as the computer version and is a lot more user friendly.

To download the App you can visit HERE.

App Review – Nearpod

Today’s App Review is Nearpod by Panarea.

When I first used iPads with students I didn’t quite know where to start and spent hours upon hours transferring Apps and content onto 14 iPads. If I had discovered this App then that whole ordeal could have been prevented. Nearpod works on a student /teacher basis when a teacher signs in and sets up all interactive presentations. After the presentations are created on the teachers device students can then login and see the content. This works really well in a classroom situation and is tons more exciting to use than the traditional powerpoint print outs.

My favorite feature is that there are interactive quizzes and Q&A’s so students can test their knowledge or ask questions as they go along. There are also drawing tools available as well as web-page integration which combining all these features leads to an interesting and creative classroom experience.

This App could work in any learning environment and outside of the classroom I think the concept would work quite well in a conference situation especially when using the integrated polls or questions and answers.

Since discovering this App I have redesigned the way I teach with iOS devices and it has really helped me give structure to my classes.

The App is free for both students and teachers so as well as being a great organisation learning tool it is also easily accessible by all.

To download the App you can visit HERE.

App Review – Gelo

Today’s App Review is Gelo by Fotosyn.

If your looking for a photo App for re-colouring photos Gelo is definitely the App to start with. Gelo easily adds hues and effects to any photo in just a few clicks.
What I like most about this App is that unlike any other photo Apps that come with pre-made color overlays this App allows you to make your own colors by selecting tones from a color pallet.
You can also change the positioning and shapes of the hues which is an extra bonus. There is a built in camera so you can choose to take photos if you don’t want to use them from your camera roll
Another great addition is that Fotosyn offer free tutorials on their website ( so you can always watch them for advice, directions or ideas.There is also full social media integration.

To get the App you can download it for 89cent from HERE

App Review – iStopMotion

Today’s App Review is iStopMotion by Boinx Software.

I have always loved StopMotion animations ever since seeing them as a kid back in the days of Bosco. In recent years claymations have made a come back and I have been as interested as ever but really haven’t known where to start in creating one.

This App is fantastic and works so easily I wish I had found it sooner. All you need to do is create your character, record scene snips and the App does the rest for you. There is instant playback and other special effects.

A bonus of the App is the fact that you can share your animation with users from all over the world as well as view theirs. I can imagine how much fun this App would be for kids as well as a great resource for classroom creations.

So grab yourself some clay or playdoh and download the App HERE and off you go you can be a big time director in no time.

App Review – Color Thief

Today’s App Review is Color Thief by Yellow Cedar Software.

When I got my first iOS device I was amazed at how simple it is to edit photos through Apps compared to all the years I had been using Photoshop. However, after what I would say is 20+ photo editing App downloads I am not easily impressed any more by new ones which in a lot of cases are almost replicas of what I already have. This App is definitely a must have though. I absolutely love it!

The App literally takes two photos and steals the color from one applying it to the other. It is a cool and fun way to edit photos and does something which is not normally very easy to do. Many Apps offer tints, hues and masks but this one color matches.

The App comes with a few sample images that you can match the color from but will also use photos from your camera roll. The design of the App is very simple to use. There are two different sliders and you just find the top image you want and then the bottom image. By default the bottom images color is applied to the top image but it is possible to switch this around by simply clicking an arrow.

This App is certainly very different and I have had a lot of fun with it so far. It costs €1.79 but is definitely worth it. Computer based software to do the same effects costs several times more.

To download the App you can visit HERE.

App Review – Strata 3D SE

Today’s App Review is Strata 3D SE by Corastar. It’s been a while so today it’s time for another Mac App review. This time Strata 3D SE. This App always kept catching my eye when I saw it in the App store so last summer I decided to give it a go. I was particularly interested in the 3D text feature. The first purchase and download didn’t go so well and the program kept crashing upon opening. Thankfully iTunes understood and gave me a refund.

I always wanted to give it another go and when others reported issues as being fixed I decided it was time for a second chance. Second time round I was much luckier and the App now works. The features are what you expect and there are many options to build 3D objects and texts as well as use pre-made ones. Being a newbie to 3D I didn’t find the program very intuitive and did end up relying on YouTube tutorials to get me started. Corastar do offer tutorials but you have to pay. I did a few bits and did get my 3D text in the end and was quite proud of myself. All in all I think that although I really liked what I saw this program is for me a bit too complicated for what it does and I have managed to produce better results with easier to use software or even iOS Apps.

If 3D is what your after though and if you have $50 to spare you can always give it a go HERE

App Review – Motion

Today’s App review is Motion by Apple. It has been a while since I reviewed a Mac App so have decided to give Motion a go.

Motion 5 is a video effects App used in conjunction with Final Cut Pro  X to make custom animations, text and effects.

I have Level One Pro in Final Cut Pro and Motion did look a bit alien to me at first until I worked my way around but it offers endless opportunities to editors and is a definite asset to Final Cut Pro X.

My favorite features are the text effects which I have used every since downloading the App.

For beginners I would recommend basic training in Final Cut or Motion. The App is about $50 and there are plenty of training tutorials available for free online.

To get the App you can download it from HERE


App Review – Paper

Today’s App review is Paper by FiftyThree

This App has being in the top downloaded Apps for this past month and comes highly recommended. The basic concept is a drawing App and I must admit it is nothing but beautiful and very original.

While I do like the idea I have very limited drawing skills and these kind of App just don’t really work for me. My big objection to the App is that although it is free to download the in-app purchases are quite expensive. Each brush set costs an extra 1.79 so to have full functionality within the App it will cost €7.78 and I do believe there are cheaper alternatives out there.

While it is expensive it is worth checking out the free version while it wasn’t for me it may be what your looking for and from what I have seen of it the App is really nicely designed and user friendly.

To get the App you can download it from HERE

App Review – iPhoto

Today’s App review is iPhoto by Apple. I have been using iPhoto on my Mac for years and have found it to be an excellent organisational tool. I have no idea why I never used it on my iPhone until now. What I like the most is how you can organise photos into folders. I am the kind of person who takes thousands of photos and I find that it is often quite a chore to find a photo in the inbuilt camera roll.

The App works just like the Mac version but has some extra features. There is also the added bonus of being able to edit photos from within the App so you don’t need any third party photo-editing Apps.

My favorite feature of the App is called journals. This allows you to select up to 200 photos and add them to a journal which is basically a montage of your photos kind of like an old fashioned scrap book.

The appearance is different on the iPhone to the iPad I find the iPad version slightly easier to use because of the size but both are fantastic tools for organising photos.

The App does cost about 5 euro so is on the more expensive scale of Apps but it is worth every cent especially if you take a lot of photos. I now have it on all my iOS devices and use it daily.

To get the App you can download it from HERE

App Review – Small Planet

Today’s App review is Small Planet by Regis Cosnier

This App is really really cool. A lot of photo manipulation Apps are the same old thing with a different name however this App integrates with Google. After finding your location the App turns it in to a panoramic type globe which looks like your own little world. It does take a bit of time to pin point the location properly and the graphics can be a bit jumpy but the end effect is definitely worth persevering for.
I would definitely recommend trying this out it is one of my favourite Apps at the moment.

To get this Apo you can download it from HERE