App Review – April Fool

Today’s App Review is April Fool by rise uP! It is 1st April tomorrow so we all know that means a day of tricks and treats. If you’re stuck for ideas to fool your friends this is an ok  App. The pranks are mostly office based and suggest  things like ‘tape down the phone button on the phone so when the phone starts ringing and they pick it up it will keep ringing”. Another featured task is called Drinking Rotten milk and the aim is to add food coloring or marshmallows to milk and gross people out by drinking it.

The App has some good ideas but none that would really work for me. There are a few annoying things such as constant pop-ups but my big hate is that the screen colors features a green to yellow horizontal gradient with white text making it extremely hard on the eyes to read so much so that I gave up on the App after reading just a few ideas.

If you find an interesting prank you can choose to email it or bookmark it for later.

The App is free so if you are stuck for ideas on how to fool you can check it out HERE

App Review – IMDB Trivia

Today’s App Review is IMDB Trivia by Playfield Apps. When searching for yesterday’s IMDB link in the App store I came across this entertaining App which challenges you on movie trivia the answers for which are easily found on IMDB.

Test your knowledge of the movies and actors with this fun App. There are many different play modes for example you can match quotes with actors, movies with years, actor photos with movies etc. There are 5 different levels of difficulty so you can start off easy and move on up. You can also challenge yourself to match posters with movies as well as blurred photos with celebrities.

The App links in with IMDB so you can also check out trivia and more information.

You can also share your scores via social media and compete against others in the game center.

The App is fun for any movie fan and a good challenge. You can download it for free from HERE

App Review – IMDB

Today’s App Review is IMDB by IMDB. I can’t believe I had yet to review this App so there is no time like the present. IMDB is a great resource for finding information about actors, movies and tv shows. If you are going to see or rent a movie you can look up reviews on it. Similarly if you want a movie of a specific genre or one featuring a certain actor you don’t have to look any further.

The App is especially handy if your having one of those moments where you can’t remember the name of a movie. It is also good for looking up information on tv shows ans how many seasons there were as well as episode reviews.

The App is an all round source of movie information and very easy to use. And of course being free is an extra bonus.

To get the App you can download it from HERE

App Review – Wicked on Broadway Apps.

Today’s App Reviews will be looking at two different Apps which feature Wicked the Broadway Musical.

The first App is Broadway Across America’s Wicked by DigiTab Media. DigiTAB Media has quite a collection of these Apps which give information on different shows and their appearances on tour. This particular App features Wicked’s times in Portland. There are also versions that can be downloaded for other shows including the popular Book of Mormon.

The App surprised me at first. The download was over 200mb and took quite a while so I had expected it to include some interactivity and maybe even videos or behind the scenes info but I was totally let down when it was nothing more than a copy of the show playbill. It is a good source of information but nothing more than you get for free at the show which makes it quite a waste of space when it takes up room on your device.

This free App can be downloaded from HERE

The second App is Wicked by Peter Yagecic. The Apps is the complete opposite of the above App. Instead of taking forever to download it is just 13mb and is also free. However it is everything the first App is not. It features many videos as well as previews of all the songs with options to buy the full versions. You can access photos from the show which can be saved and used as wallpapers for your device. There is an interactive map which highlights the locations where Wicked is currently showing both in map and list form. There is a cool option to make photo cards which adds Wicked graphics to your camera images. There is also a feature to keep you up to date with news about the show. This App is very interactive and a perfect source for any Musical or Wicked Fan.

To get this great free App you can download it from HERE


App Review – 4 Pics 1 Word

Today’s App Review is 4 Pics 1 Word by LOTUM. I have seen this App appear on the walls of many of my friends social media pages mostly because they are asking for help. This did turn me off playing the App because it did look really difficult to play.

However, the other day I gave in and absolutely love it. The App presents you with four different pictures and you have to decide what word describes them all. Sure it is challenging but the App has the right balance in there. Instead of starting off easy and reaching the point of it being impossible to play resulting in my giving up it gradually gets difficult. The good thing though is that if you get a hard word it is usually followed by a few easy ones so that you regain your confidence and forget about the frustration. The words are also universally accessible in that they are mostly simple words like cold, run, jump, climb etc. With similar games I have also encountered issues with a lot of US words being used which is a drawback for international users.

There is an option to use points to reveal certain letters but what I have found is that the words often come to you long before you need to do this. If you need help you can also post the picture on Facebook for all your friends to see. This is kind of like an ask the audience option.

The one issue that really annoys me are the ads which appear far too frequently. I would gladly pay to remove them but this doesn’t appear to be an option.

The game is free and a lot of fun to try out if you want to give it a go you can download it from HERE.

App Review – Word Wit.

Today’s App Review is Word Wit by Ballpoint Inc. English is quite often difficult to to understand especially if it is not your first language but even if it is there are always words like their, there, they’re and affect and effect that confuse people time and time again.

Word wit is a fun App that illustrates the difference spin the colorful wheel and you are presented with two similar sounding but different words. Once the words pop up you can then click on them to get a full explanation of both words and the difference as well as an example of a sentence the words are used in. You can then choose to ‘master’ a word. When you choose this the App gives you a sentence and you are challenged to choose the correct word. After you get a certain amount of correct answers you then master the word.

If you do have difficulties with telling the difference between these words and more this is a great App that will teach you through the fun games and quizzes and even if you think you know it all you can try it out and see if you are good enough to master these words.

You can share your progress via Facebook, LinkedIn, Email and Twitter.

The App can be downloaded from HERE

App Review – Posing App

Today’s App Review is Posing App by Sia Mendo. I have trained and had experience as a photographer so understand how important it is to having poses in mind when going on a photoshoot. Several situations arise when your mind would go blank and you cannot figure out what to do next. The most common issue I had was that a model was in a mood where she just did not want to be there so it was a major struggle getting good photos. Now as a photography teacher I see my students facing the same problems and this App is fantastic to have for those awkward moments or even just to look at beforehand for ideas.

The App contains sets of black and white line photos showing different suggestions for poses for all groups of people including children, women, men, couples, groups, wedding and glamour. Each set contains at least 20 different examples so there are plenty to choose from. You can add any ones you like to a favorites folder to access easily later.

As an added bonus the App also includes tips and tricks where it advises on different aspects of a shoot from the basics of using lighting to making your model feel a ease. There is also advice on photographing eyes, legs, body, head and hands as well as suggestions on composition and what equipment to use and avoid in certain situations. For examples it tells you the right aperture range to use for portrait shots.

The App is definitely an asset to any photographer whether you have been at it for years or just starting out.

The App can be downloaded from HERE.

App Review – Cards.

Today’s App Review is Cards by Apple. With Mother’s Day tomorrow I decided to try out a cards App and after trying quite a few terrible ones (which shall remain unnamed) I stumbled across Cards by Apple. First thing before I go further is how did I never know that Apple have a Cards App? The App is pretty cool and the Cards created will be send in traditional printed form rather than email or social media. The templates are nothing too flashy but you can add in your own images from your camera roll or take some new ones and add text. When it comes to adding text the one difficult I had was that the keyboard was over the area with the text so I couldn’t see the letters I was typing and ended up having to retype due to errors.

Unlike other free Apps the selection of template isn’t limited to a small set with others being available through in-app purchases. Instead there is a large selection. Each card can be customised both inside and outside and a customised envelop. Each card costs €4.49 for Apple print off and  to send out once completed which is a bit pricey given all the euro shops we have around these days hat you can get cards from but those cards aren’t customised and having seen the quality of Apples customised calendars I would imagine these cards to be of the same high quality.

So if you have a big birthday or occasion coming up or maybe you just want to say thank you then  why not consider Apples Cards App which can be downloaded for free from HERE.


App Review – Pet First Aid.

Today’s App Review is Pet First Aid by Jive Media. For every pet owner there is always the worry of an emergency situation where an animal eats what they shouldn’t or gets bitten by an insect or gets in a fight etc. Two days ago my youngest cat came in licking her lips I couldn’t figure out why until I discovered a half eaten chocolate cake the next day! By that stage she had slept it off and obviously must not be allergic to chocolate but it could have been one of those ‘oh no what do I do’ situations.

Pet First Aid App is great for instances just like this. The App is suitable for dog and cat owners and offers advice about everything from treating bites and stings, training for emergency situations such as drowning, bleeding and chocking, advice on giving pills as well as telling you what is normal for your pet when it comes to heart rate, pulse, temperature etc. As well as giving text and picture illustrations there are also great videos that you can watch.

A real bonus to this App is that you can also add in your own pets details. I don’t know how many times a vet has asked me what ear drops or flea treatments I normally use on my vet or when was their last vaccination. While I have all that info I usually forget to bring it with me so this App is a massive help.  You can also add microchip numbers in there which I never usually carry around with me.

The App is by no means a replacement to a vet so in a real emergency do get to a vet asap but it is a great resource for information.

To get the App you can download it from HERE.

App Review – Sign language Apps

Today I am going to be generous and give two Apps instead of one. As many who have used or even heard of iOS devices know accessibility is a major feature in them and especially functions like Siri that make communicating easier. I recently stumbled across two Apps which are similar and translate text/ voice to American Sign Language.

The first App is Speech2Sign by Parkland School District. I was really excited about this App but it doesn’t seem to work. I believe it is new and the App claims that it can convert your voice into sign. What it did for me was that it converted what I said into pictures of the letters of the alphabet in sign. So I could learn the letters that would allow me to sign those words. I thought the App would be more interactive than just getting pictures which were inaccurate during each trial I gave it. I also found that there is no obvious back button or menu so if I want to try another phrase I have to quit out of the App and restart. The App is a wonderful idea and I wanted so badly for it to work but unfortunately it doesn’t on either  of the devices I tested it on (an iPhone 5 and an iPad mini) Hopefully the developers are working on this and will update the features soon so when they do you will be able to download it from HERE

The second App as mentioned above has a similar theme and translates text to American Sign Language. Marlee Signs by MEDL Mobile features deaf actress Marlee Matlin and all and guides you through various every day phrases and if you want to spell out a word in sign you have to do is type in a phrase and the App will magically translate your phrase into ASL. Unlike Speech2Sign the App produces videos of Marlees translations so you do not have to rely on having to decipher pictures.  The App is initially free and offers a free pack of videos featuring Marlee these videos cover the alphabet, numbers, everyday words, questions and conversations. It is also free to translate a word you type into sign language. As optional add-ons for €1.79 these include around you, home, around town, around the world, and baby signs.

Trying to free features I was more than a little impressed and found it so much easier to learn from videos than pictures which is the only option that many sign language Apps offer.

I would definitely recommend people trying out the App since it is free to try and then you can decide if you want the add-ons. The App can be downloaded from HERE