App Review – WordPress

Today’s App Review is WordPress by Automaticc Inc.

I have been using WordPress for over 4 years now and this App is one of the first I ever got when I got my first iOS device 3 years ago. I use it almost daily and it has been a must have on any iOS device I have. The thing I really like about this is that it works. Some other platforms like Moodle or YouTube or Twitter don’t have great mobile Apps and you have to go searching for third party alternatives but WordPress App works great for me.

The App gives you full access to posts, pages, comments and the dashboard. The only thing that it can’t access properly is themes but that is something that you would probably not want to mess with on a mobile device anyway.

The greatest advantage of all although it cannot be guaranteed is that if a plugin or other feature crashes your wordpress site you can probably (has always worked for me but don’t rely on it) still gain access through the App and resolve the problem providing of course that it is a minor issue and not a big coding catastrophe.

And to add to the good news WordPress App is free and it can be downloaded here.

App Review – Roadshow

Today’s App Review is Roadshow by Fetch Networks.

Roadshow is an App I discovered a long time ago and has remained on my iPad ever since. I am always coming across videos I like and want to save to watch later or to use in class but always misplace them. YouTube videos are easy to save through your google account but what about Vimeo or Daily Motion or Ted or other video hosts. Roadshow allows you to save videos directly to your iPad and stores them on what looks like a shelf. They can be placed back any time and even be played offline.

When you find a video you want to play just tap on it and the option to save to RoadShow will appear. Simple as that.

The only downside to the App is that you can only store 15 videos for free and after that it costs €3.99 to buy the unlimited version but I would recommend trying it out and if it works for you then €3.99 is not that expensive for what it does.

To get the App go here.

App Review – Opuss

Today’s App review is Opuss by Seamonster Ltd.

Opuss is one of those Apps that I was not looking for at the time but stumbled across. There are many different writing and reading Apps out there but this one really inspires creativity and gives you motivation to write. I have been writing for as long as I can remember between been a journalist and blogging and have taken part in things like Script Writing Frenzy and Nanowrimo but with current work and other commitments I had started slacking off and not bothering anymore until this App came along.

I must admit what attracted me to the App was the paw print logo but once inside the idea of the App is genius. There are different sections with cute names directing you to where you want to go. For example the App works similar to twitter in that you follow and have followers. The feed section  shows you what the people you follow are dishing up. Top shows the top posts, compose allows you to create your own, find which has the logo of a dog helps you explore and profile which has the logo of the cat lets you change your bio info.

I will stop before I spoil anymore but as writing Apps go this is the best designed concept I have found and I will definitely be exploring this App more.

Best of all the app is free and can be downloaded here.

App Review – iLoader2

Today’s App review is iLoader 2 .

One of the things that annoys me most about using Facebook on iOS devices is the inability to upload an album full of photos. There is the option to upload several pictures at once but it is next to impossible to pick and choose which ones and is very slow.

When travelling this summer I left my laptop at home and relied on my iPad the only fail was sharing pictures on one occasion I uploaded my pictures onto my iPad and after failed attempts at uploading to facebook I ended up syncing my pictures to my mac and uploading that way.

Upon discovering iLoader 2 things have become a lot easier. You just select the images and let it do it’s job. As an added bonus you can edit photos within the App. You can do everything from basic crops and rotates to adding stickers and  frames.

There are two versions of this App a paid and a free but the free works fine what what I need.

To download it go here

App Review – Wander App

Today’s App review is Wander App.

This App takes social networking to a whole new level and I love the potential it has. The App pairs you up with someone somewhere in the world and gives you daily tasks to do. Each day you are given a list and you send the person you are paired with pictures. The pictures vary day to day and consist of things like – send a picture of what you can see out your window or send a picture of your pet. Apart from these daily tasks you can communicate with your ‘wanderer’ as much as you like. The maximum amount of time you can have the same wanderer is 7 days if you don’t want to keep them that long you can get a new wanderer every 24 hours.

Like I said above this App has great potential. I tried the App over the space of a couple of weeks. I got an new wanderer everyday just because I wanting to meet new people instead of the same person for 48 hours or 7 days. I got to see some great parts of the world and make contacts. I chose not to let these contacts interact with my real life and didn’t add them to other social media sites or exchange contact details but that is an option if someone wants to.

The big downside to this App is that after a few days I got someone from Seoul in North Korea, after a day I got another person from Seoul, then the next day another and another and . I have no issues with people from Seoul and these were lovely people but I just wanted to get someone from a different part of the world. After 11 consecutive days of being given people from Seoul I removed the App. I know the way things go there are going to be some cases where you get the same country more than once but I just felt like I was stuck with Seoul.

This aside I had some great experiences and was paired with people from France, Japan, UK, New York, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

If your looking for something different I would definitely recommend Wander. It is a great way to make friends in other countries.

The App is free and can be downloaded here.

App Review – Add-ons for your messages.

There are many Apps out there that can change the messages that they send so that they are just that little bit more personalised. There are no real inbuilt features in the iPhone to animate your messages. Below are a few App options that do just this.

Emoji is one of the first and possibly most basic but greatest add-ons. This App allows you to add more emoticons to your keyboard settings. Once added you can add smiley faces, animals, food etc to your messages. I use this App daily and do love having the ability to add in a cat face when talking about my cats or a party hat or fireworks when I am happy about something.
The only downside of the App is that the emoticons will only display if the receiver has an iOS device.
There are many Apps that give the same emoticons so you can find the one that you want. I use Emoji because it is free and does everything I could want from an App like this. I would highly recommend it.

To get the App go here.

Color Text Messages+ by Leping Li is another add-on that can brighten up your messages. I thought this App looked cool from the images and was curious as to how it worked so downloaded it since it was free. With this App you cannot access the features outside the App as you would with Emoji. Instead you have to  create the message within the App and copy and paste it to your message.

While this App is pretty good there are some downfalls. Firstly is the having to create the message in the App instead of it being available within messages. Secondly the message is sent as a picture instead of a text so this could lead to expenses if you don’t have wifi or a data subscription.

The App is free but I gave up after a couple of uses and deleted it because it seemed like too much hard work.

To get Color Text messages go here.


Gift text: Animated SMS in images and rage faces App is another App worth mentioning. This App has an extensive database of animated gif images that can be copied and pasted into your messages. These could be anything from cute cat animations to Simpsons animations. These are pretty cool and are a fun addition to any message. You may find yourself using them to cheer up a friend or just for fun.

I have used this App a few times but as with Color Messages there are the same downfalls as having to copy to your message from the App and of needing a data subscription or wifi.

The App is free but a subscription is required for some extras. Get it here.


App Review – Chirp App

Chirp by ASGI is one of those Apps that you don’t really need but when you see it you really want it. It has the novelty factor of being able to ‘Chirp’ photos between iOS devices. To use the App you need two iOS devices that are connected to a network. When you want to share a video you just open up the App and upload your photo onto the screen and then press ‘Chirp’. Once this is done you need to open the App on the other device in order to receive the image. This is a bit of downside because the other device doesn’t automatically receive it but in a way it makes sense in that imagine a crowded room with a lot of iOS devices and a lot of Chirp apps. Your private Chirp could be picked up by everyone instead of the person that wants to receive it.

I must admit I was skeptical as to whether it would work and YouTube’d it to see and surprisingly after downloading it I was able to receive Chirps from people in videos when my phone recognised the signal. I copied a video below so you can try it at home if you want.

Apart from the chirping sound which by the way you might want to be careful of if you have pets because it drives them crazy, this App is no different to other file sharing Apps. Apps like Bump by Bump Technologies do the same thing and what you do in that case is ‘Bump’ the devices together to share a picture or contact. I am sure there are other novel ways developers have come up with for sharing as well.

So whether you want to Bump or Chirp the option is up to you but both are free so can’t hurt to try out.

To download Chirp go here.

App Review – Viggle.

Viggle is a great App I have recommended to so many people. All you need to do is watch your favorite tv show and let the app know you are watching it and you get the points which can be redeemed for real rewards such as Amazon or iTunes vouchers.

When I first discovered the App I was racking up maybe 50,000 points a week. I used these to redeem $10 iTunes vouchers that cost 10,000 points. At the time the average tv show would be 500 points and you could get up to 200 points for watching a movie trailer. Over the space of a couple of months I was able to redeem for vouchers and splashed out on some apps and music in iTunes. I have a friend that managed to get an Apple Tv out of it.

The app is still good but they have made it more difficult to get rewards for example iTunes Vouchers were 10,000 points and now are 25,000 and tv shows could have you reach 500 points now they are about 100.

So sure it may not be the app it once was and no one expected it to last. It was too good to be true right? But in the end if you watch tv shows why not get rewarded for doing it.

The app is free and you can get it here.

Rewards change on a regular basis.