App Review – Navfree GPS

Today’s App Review is Navfree GPS by Geolife.

A friend was recently looking for a good GPS App after their GPS died a tragic death. Instead of forking out €100+ for a new one they decided to try out Apps. We tried out a few different ones. Some worked some didn’t some were unreliable and in the end we discovered Navfree which has since been tried and tested and successfully survived a 3 hour trip. The App links in Google Maps so you can find exact directions quickly. The App is very easy to use which is often a failing of even the traditional GPS devices. You can search addresses and save favorites. There is inbuilt voice navigation that can be turned on/off as needed. The roads are color coded to make for easy co-ordination and there are no unnecessary icons onscreen which means you only see what you need to see.

The voice that comes a standard with the App is a default voice but additional voices from celebrities such as Stephen Fry, Snoop Dogg etc can be purchased for an extra €4.49

The App version we used was for UK and Ireland but there are versions for several different countries including Spain, France, USA and South Africa. All versions of the App are free but there are extra in-app purchases like the celebrity voice navigation that can be purchased.

Another bonus is the fact that unlike other navigation Apps this Navfree does not require a data connection. Instead it downloads the maps which are over 400mb is quite big and takes time but the end result of not resulting in data bills is definitely a bonus especially if you want to use one of their Apps abroad.

You can download the App from HERE

App Review – Flight Track Pro

Today’s App Review is Flight Track Pro by Mobiata.

When taking a trip I always try to find the best deals and in many cases this results in connecting flights. There is nothing more scary than one flight being delayed and not knowing if you will make the next flight and that is the primary reason  I downloaded this App. It contains flight information for most main airports/airlines world wide so is great for up to date information. I usually find airport websites to be hard to navigate around so this puts an end to all that.

All you need to do is enter your travel plans and off you go. Added features include social media integration, weather features, airplane information and interactive travel maps. In particular I found the airport layout maps to be useful especially when switching between terminals.

The only problem I have found is that on a recent Dublin-Charlotte-Philadelphia trip I was able to track the Charlotte-Philadelphia leg of the journey but was not able to track from Dublin. However on the return Philadelphia-Newark-Dublin trip all parts of the journey were found.

So whether you are travelling yourself or want to keep contact with someone travelling this is the perfect App for you.

You can download it from HERE




App Review – Wezzoo

Today’s App Review is Wezzoo by Wezzoo

I am not a big fan of watching weather reports and usually just rely on looking out the window so as a result I obviously don’t use weather Apps or even consider using them. When I saw Wezzoo pop up in the App store I clicked on it and the description sounded cool so I figured I would give it a go.

The App is a far cry from your regular rainy monday-friday Apps. Instead it combines social media with weather to produce a pretty cool, interactive result. User’s submit pictures of their area showing the weather and the App shares this information with the Wezzoo community. So scrolling down the feed I can see it is sunny in france, snowing in New York etc etc.

I really enjoy looking at pictures from around the world and now check the weather daily through this App. I never thought I would say that!

So if you are looking for a fun way to view and share weather reports around the world this is definitely an App to check out, it is also a different way of discovering the world.

To get the App you can download it from HERE

App Review – Learn Spanish:

Today’s App Review is Learn Spanish by Babbel.

I have recently been working with students to create language podcasts for iTunes U and admittedly I have not made any effort to learn or speak foreign languages since leaving school so you could say I am more than a little bit out of practice.

With this in mind I tried to find Apps that would give me the basics and in my searching I came across this App. I really like the App and it’s functionality. I downloaded the Spanish language version but it is also available in German, French and many more.

The App gives basic words and phrases covering everything from introductions to fruit, numbers and animals. What I liked about this App is the way it is designed so that you can hear the pronunication of the words so this helps with your own pronunciation but one thing I have found with any language students I have had is that it is often a case of either their written or spoken language is better so the bonus of this App is that there is a challenge that has you guess what a picture is and this includes correctly spelling the word.

This App has been very useful for me and I actually enjoyed learning the new words. If I ever master Spanish I may considering trying one of their other languages.

So if you are looking to expand your skills or just looking for a little help for an upcoming holiday then I would definitely recommend this App.

You can download it for free HERE

App Review – Accu Weather

Today’s App Review is Accu Weather by Accu Weather.

I don’t usually pay much attention to the weather forecasts and remember studying climatology in college and being told by the lecturer at the time that no one ever knows what it will really be like.

I do however know a lot of people who do have interest in these Apps though and decided to try a few out. I found that over a two week period that Accu Weather seemed to be more accurate than some of it’s competitors and liked how I could quickly switch between time zones and see how the weather was for my friends in different parts of the world.

As Apps go this one seems to be well developed and you can’t go wrong with free. To download it you can visit HERE.

App Review – Disney World Magic

Today’s App Review is Disney World Magic by Versa Edge Software

A recent trip to Disney Florida had me searching for Apps to help. The parks are so big and I am not a big fan of paper Apps so searched and searched until  I found this one. Many required internet access thankfully this didn’t apart from the wait times feature.

Before leaving for the trip I was able to enter our dining plans and highlight other places we wanted to eat. The weather sucked for a couple of days at the start and we missed a few rides so I was able to highlight that so we could remember what to return to.

What is great is that there is so much detail within the App. You can access the menus from all the dining places and also find details on the rides. We were able to decide which rides we wanted to go on and skip.

The App also has the opening times for all the resorts which is an added bonus as some parks stay late on different nights and it is impossible to remember.

All in all this is an excellent organisational App and I wouldn’t consider doing the trip again without it. There were so many rides that were tucked away that we could have missed.

If your not going to Florida they have the same Apps for the other Disney resorts.

You can download the App  here