iBook Review – The Senses.

It has been a while since I have done any reviews and to be honest between having new subjects this year and other stuff I just got caught up in work and neglected my blog.
This morning I was contacted by an iBook Author who wanted me to review their books.

The first one is The Senses by Imaxina Novas. Science or biology has never appealed to me so I was reluctant at first but from the moment I opened this iBook I was wowed by it’s features. The book explores the 5 senses which as we know are vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Through incredible interactive features the reader is transported in a magical world where you can explore how sight works with incredible animations as well as how the brain works and even test your own hearing in the hearing section. It only takes 60 pages to get through the book but with all the little hidden features it guarantees hours of fun.

As well as looking at the senses that humans have the book also explores the animal world and everyone knows how much I like animals so that was a definite seller for me.
My favorite pages were 8, 13 and 26 but I am not spoiling the surprises you will have to discover why yourself!

I would recommend this to all k12, primary and secondary teachers as well as parents. Although as an IT teacher I am far from either of those I really found this book to be a lot of fun and will be recommending it to everyone I know.

It can be purchased on the iBooks Store for $8.99 to find out more click HERE

App Review – Wicked on Broadway Apps.

Today’s App Reviews will be looking at two different Apps which feature Wicked the Broadway Musical.

The first App is Broadway Across America’s Wicked by DigiTab Media. DigiTAB Media has quite a collection of these Apps which give information on different shows and their appearances on tour. This particular App features Wicked’s times in Portland. There are also versions that can be downloaded for other shows including the popular Book of Mormon.

The App surprised me at first. The download was over 200mb and took quite a while so I had expected it to include some interactivity and maybe even videos or behind the scenes info but I was totally let down when it was nothing more than a copy of the show playbill. It is a good source of information but nothing more than you get for free at the show which makes it quite a waste of space when it takes up room on your device.

This free App can be downloaded from HERE

The second App is Wicked by Peter Yagecic. The Apps is the complete opposite of the above App. Instead of taking forever to download it is just 13mb and is also free. However it is everything the first App is not. It features many videos as well as previews of all the songs with options to buy the full versions. You can access photos from the show which can be saved and used as wallpapers for your device. There is an interactive map which highlights the locations where Wicked is currently showing both in map and list form. There is a cool option to make photo cards which adds Wicked graphics to your camera images. There is also a feature to keep you up to date with news about the show. This App is very interactive and a perfect source for any Musical or Wicked Fan.

To get this great free App you can download it from HERE


App Review – Just Grandma and Me

Today’s App Review is Just Grandma and Me by Oceanhouse Media. This App review is a little different than my usual and I rarely review Apps for younger kids but stumbling across this App in the App store brought back childhood memories of when a much younger me used to play the PC game of the same name. The characters and description looked similar I couldn’t help but download it and indeed the voices characters and stories represent those of times past and bring to life the story of Just Grandma and Me.

The App takes the form of an interactive iBook more so than a game and you can choose to have the story read to you or read along with it. By clicking on the screen a child can listen and read the words to go with the story such as bucket, seagull and spider. The story is short but the word interaction is a great feature aimed to improve  kids word association, reading and spell skills.

However, I am left feeling a bit saddened and disappointed because there was no more interactions than this. Back in the early 90’s the pc game used to allow you to click on different features in the screen and they would move or respond in other ways for example if you clicked on grandma’s radio it would play music and if you clicked on an umbrella it would close up and fly off. It makes me wonder why these features were left out. If they could include them 20 years ago why leave them out now. Of course learning the words is important but they could have combined all features.

As a grownup with memories of this in my childhood I am left disappointed to find out how they have somewhat downloaded this App but that doesn’t make it’s functions any less effective and it is still a great reading resource.

To download the App which costs €1.79 you can visit HERE

And for those wondering what the original was like check out the video below

App Review – 1000 Crazy Laws

Today’s App Review is 1000 Crazy Laws by 3ight LLC.

Did you know that In London, it is a 24-hour detainment if caught sticking gum under a seat on the upper deck of a bus? Or that in South Dakota no horses are allowed into Fountain Inn unless they are wearing pants?

This App is nothing more than a fun trivia App. IThere is not much to the design the facts are simply presented on the screen and you swipe for the next fact. The App combines the crazy with the wonderful laws from all around the world and brings them together in this App.

What I like about this App is unlike others I have tried this App covers the world. Many of these Apps only cover U.S laws. There is also email and Facebook integration so you can share any facts you find. You can also favorite a fact which saves it so you can view it again later.

The idea is simple the result is interesting to download the App for free you can visit HERE

And don’t forget that in Georgia persons under the age of 16 may not play pinball after 11pm!

App Review – Guinness World Records Augmented Reality.

Today’s App Review is Guinness World Records 2013 Augmented Reality by Guinness World Records

Everyone single Christmas for as long as I can remember someone in the family has received a copy of that years Guinness World Records. When we were younger we used to always fight over who could get a first look at the book but in recent years the novelty has worn off. There are only so many records of people with piercings or longest nails are barbie doll collections that you can take before it just gets boring.

This year however I am looking forward to it due to this pretty cool App. I have already managed a sneak peek of the book using this App and being a big fan of augmented reality I was impressed. Watching the pictures come to life is pretty cool and I think really brings the book itself back to one which people will actually want.

The only downside is that you do need the book but given that the App is free if you are one of those families always landed with a book then try it out. If not then book into a bookstore, grab a copy of the book, find a corner and off you go.

To download the App visit HERE.

App Review – Shakespeare in Bits.

Today’s App Review is Shakespeare in Bits by Mindconnex Learning Limited.

Gone are the days where you would have to sit down and read from a book.  This App revolutionises the works of Shakespeare and brings them into the digital age.

The App contains 5 of Shakespeares best places including Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, Macbeth and Julius Caesar. Users have the option to read the full play as well has access scene analyses, summaries, character information and more. In addition there are some really cool animations that can be played.

So forget the days of highlighters, pencils and post it notes now you can study your homework with a difference and be engaged by the interesting extras.

The App is free but requires in app purchases for some plays. You can download it from HERE.

App Review – Cliff Notes

Today’s App Review is Cliff Notes Study Guide by gWiz. LLC

Having a pretty terrible English teacher in school I relied heavily on Cliff Notes and other study guides to get me through and now they are available on iOS devices. Oh how I wish I had an iPad back when I was at school!!

The App includes notes on all the main texts from Wuthering Heights to MacBeth and allows you to study at your own pace. There are different options available where a student can decide at which pace they want to learn they can either take the ‘Cram Plan’ which I guess you would choose if there was an upcoming exam or choose a ‘Full Study Plan’.

Just like in the text books the App comes with quizzes, character analysis and much more.

The App itself is free and has several free revision guides while others cost 1.79 which all in all is not that steep for what you get.

So for any exam student lucky enough to have an iPad all I can say is that you should instantly go and download it from here.

App Review – PetGuide

Today’s App Review is PetGuide by VerticalScope Inc.

In the past I tried to view many forums on my iOS devices and usually just end up giving up because I cannot access them on my iOS devices properly so when I came across the Pet Guide forums while looking for kitten help my reaction was pretty much the same. However, to my delight they have an App and it is really well designed.

Upon opening you can decide which section you want to go to this would depend on the type of animal you have. So I head to the kitten section and am greeting with the relevant forum with easy to navigate tabs and reader friendly fonts.

I think this should be a model for any other forums and would definitely recommend the forum and the App to any animal owners.

To download the App for Free click here.

App Review – Book Creator for iPad

Today’s App Review is Book Creator by Dan Amos.

I am a big fan of iBooks author and this is a great iOS equivalent. The App comes with easy to use templates and it is possible to copy and paste text as well as feature pictures and videos from your iOS library.

One cool feature is the ability to record audio within the App that can be used in the Book.

Completed books can be opened in iBooks or saved to Dropbox allowing access across multiple devices. It is also possible to save as a PDF or print via a wireless printer.

This App is costly at 4.49 but for ease of use and range of features I think it is well worth it.

You can download the App here.

App Review – iBooks App

iBooks comes installed on all new iOS devices and most people dismiss it figuring it is just for reading books but it’s not.

Since last years update now you can use iBooks for PDFs and you can save them directly to the App from a mail message. What I do these days is email myself documents and save them to iBooks.  Who needs a USB!!

They appear under a PDF section which is a separate section to the book shelf. I use this mainly for FETAC module descriptors. Another advantage of iBooks is that you can book mark and highlight pages. This also works in PDFs. The point of all this being that you don’t just have to buy books from Apple to be able to use this App it is a good FREE storage App for documents.

What I recently discovered and can’t believe it was only recently is that you can add PDFs to folders as you would Apps. Genius! To Think I didn’t realise that before is incredibly. It is a very handy feature.

The App can be downloaded from here.