I appear to be the only one in my college interested in creating courses but not letting that stop me. To date I have 3 different courses and each of them contain iBooks. The reason I have iBooks without my courses is to have some structure. I know a lot of courses have content such as video tutorials but iBooks allow me to include these within the book. What I do is create a book and then within the book have examples of work created by students and then within the other course materials I have links to the apps and/or websites referenced within the book. These are the three courses I have made public if anyone is interested.

1. English as a Second Language.

This course has been downloaded thousands of times and the idea behind this was to cut down on paperwork. While thing year I didn’t have an english group to teach I had the previous of couple of years and there was a ridiculous amount of paperwork required in the module. The last time I taught it most of the students had iPads/iPhones so we decided to try and it out see if it would work and the students picked up the language a lot faster. It still needs a few improvements but has worked very well with students who now fill in their questions and take tests from within the book. If anyone comes across a widget that allows you to fill in the blanks in paragraphs I would be grateful if you could pass on the info as this is the one thing I need to complete it.¬†https://itunes.apple.com/ie/course/everyday-english/id733991862

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2. The Internet.

The internet is one of the core modules for a lot of courses within the college and quite often I find students and/or teachers don’t have a clue so I created this iBook and course to tackle that. It looks at various aspects of the internet from connections to safety, social media, marketing, eLearning and web-design.

This book is based on the Irish FETAC Level 5 module and covers all the theory side of the course.


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3. Digital Marketing

Again this book is based on a FETAC module and covers what is required when setting up a digital marketing campaign. My students set up a page on Facebook and create content. This book and course looks at how you come up with ideas, creating cover and profile images using photo apps, creating video content as well as creating Ads and seeing how well you are engaging with your audience. This module has been taught for the past two years and this book was inspired by this years course who did some excellent campaigns which I have featured within the book and course


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About me

I am a Journalism Graduate with over 5 years experience in both national and international media. Leaving school I knew what I wanted to do. Getting there and doing in however was another story. I spent a year studying arts before deciding to take the plunge and study Journalism. It all began from that day. Within months I was published and my experience grew as the months went on. During my years in college I wrote for several different publications and after graduating I decided to live an Indian life for a month and after travelling to Bangalore I started working in Mid-Day newspaper writing previews, reviews and news stories.

Upon returning I started out with online writing. I started an internship with Irishdeafkids.ie which helped me learn a lot very fast. This was meant to last months but turned into a year. During the course of the year I undertook tasks in writing, sales, research, photography, interviews and social media marketing.

After a year I decided to move on and enrolled in Webactivate. A government funded program that trains participants in the skills required to set up businesses with an online presence.

In 2011 I was part of the team that set up iTunes U for City of Cork VEC. My role was to create the graphics for the platform including headers and album art. As well as this I filmed and edited the videos.
I am currently co-ordinating the project which is still a success.
I am also in my third year at teaching I.T and Multimedia  subjects for the CIty of Cork VEC.

This year I was also made Apple Distinguished Educator which will hopefully lead to many exciting opportunities.