Everyone Can Code

Everyone Can Code Light Shows

During code week students coded light shows using a mix of Sphero EDU, SPRK+ and Swift Playgrounds. Over the past couple of years I had students create individual light shows but this year students did them in groups of 2 or 3. This actually worked a lot better although the discussions over which song to choose often took a little longer.

The main benefit of this is if a group felt challenged I did have spare SPRK+ to give them so they could use more than one for their videos.

Below are a couple of the results of using multiple SPRK+

Everyone Can Code App Prototypes on Keynote

This year we celebrated code week as we have in previous years. The focus was still on Swift Playgrounds and introducing all students to code.

In past years I would have asked students to list their favourite apps and then put a few app ideas on a post-it before discussing. This year started out pretty much the same but students progressed to sketch out their app ideas on Keynote templates (that I was lucky to gather at the Berlin Swift Summit)

Below are a few of the results. This activity helped students question what features are most important and what features from their favourites apps they would like to bring in to their own apps.