App Review – Word Mess

Today’s App Review is Word Mess by Masala Games.
I have always loved word clouds and enjoy making them for my presentations so this App definitely caught my eye. The App combines Word Clouds with the hidden object concept.
Given tasks such as finding all words relating to board games, mythology, animals, geography etc it also has a few surprises along the way.
I enjoy this game as it is one of those games that passes time especially when commuting. It is also nice to play when relaxing at the end of the day. What I enjoy most is the fact that the number of levels are endless so no playing it so much you then discover it is finished and you have to find something similar. This is something that has often happened to me so it is a bonus that this App doesn’t have those limitations.

The App costs 89cent but has hours of fun included so I would definitely recommend it.
To get this App you can download it from HERE

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