Ten years with the iPhone

So this week marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the iPhone and it’s time to reflect on how this has transformed the way we communicate so below are the top 10 ways it has changed the way I communicate. I didn’t get my first iPhone until September 2009 and it was an iPhone 3 but have had iPhones ever since and have recently upgraded to the iPhone 7 plus.

  1. The ability to communicate with friends all over the world through iMessage.
  2.  Using iOS devices in my classroom have transformed media design and development.
  3. Being able to keep in touch with others on the go.
  4. Having Siri and being able to get instant answers to questions.
  5. Having iOS devices led me to apply to be an Apple Distinguished Educator which transformed my PD and skills.
  6. iOS devices have turned me into a published author of multi-touch books.
  7. The camera on the iPhone 7 plus has released me from the heavy DSRL kit I used to carry around.
  8. How else would I have a cat called Siri!
  9. Accessibility settings have made everyday life and learning accessible for everyone
  10. Without iOS devices there wouldn’t be iTunes U which gave me an entry to a career in education.

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