Ready for an acid attack?

Published Thursday August 20th

It all began one sleepless night when DJ Robert Babicz, also known as Rob Acid, sat down on his commodore and started creating music. Catch him live this weekend.

Robert Babicz or ‘Rob Acid’ as has been called is due to perform in Bangalore next Sunday for the first time. As part of his India tour which includes performances at Mumbai and Pune, Babicz will play at Fuga from 10.30pm onwards. The Polish born DJ is said to be “a true pioneer of minimalist sounds as well as raw groove.” He is one of the greatest talents to come out of Germany in many years. Roberts performances are each unique in their own way. Never relying on playbacks his performances are all live and distinctive as they use different songs and sounds. His performances have been described as touching people and having a lasting effect that many other DJ’s fail to succeed in doing. Robert’s entry into the music scene was not planned in the slightest. One sleepless night he sat down on his commodore and started programming. Ever since that night he has been drawn to the computer by his love of music. There are many DJ’s out there producing techno and acid but Robert has an advantage over them all. Being part of an older generation he has the experience to always better his performances. He can always reinvent himself to suit the demands and needs of his audience. In his words “playing live is for the moment, not for reproduction”. Since his first release back in the early 1990’s Robert has experimented with different sounds and even found ways to work different genres such as jazz, techno and RnB into his works. Evolving with the times this is another way that he catches and keeps the audiences attention. Not only has Babicz experimented with music type and genres he has also changed his name several times to suit his current style. Going under the pseudonym “Acid warrior” in 1994 he premiered at clubs with “Junk food”. Other names that he has used include sontec and dicabor. While primarily being a soloist Babicz is sometimes joined by performers on other instruments. He integrates these instruments in accordance to the current style he is using. During his jazz project he added a trumpet as well as drums and guitars. When it comes to his creations Babicz is grateful for the availability of such great hardware and software. He relies heavily on FabFilter about which he says “”I fell in love with FabFilter Timeless after I heard it for the first time. It’s really a masterpiece! Usually I use my Eventide Orville for effects, but now Fabfilter Timeless is the king here”. He also likes Pro-C, “I am a huge hardware fan with a big collection of analog EQs, compressors and effects, but FabFilter plugins are now in the center of my production. I’m using them in nearly every track” he says. Babicz has already toured several destinations around the world including UK, Malta, Estonia, USA, Canada, Poland and Russia. Albums by Babicz include “A cheerful temper”, “Dark Flower” and “Purple Dance”.

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