Bangalore day 26

Thursday 27 August

My last day in MiD-DAY and how happy I was that it was. The new editor reprimanded me for going to the co-ordinator because I was not being given work to do. This was my first encounter with him so how was I supposed to get work.
He gave me an article which I couldn’t physically do as it was at 6pm that evening and we had a final meeting with the co-ordinator. Instead I decided to hide out in commercial street and later on we had dinner before heading to ashas house. On the way we got really lost but a nice lady invited us into her place where she phoned for directions. Of course arriving at Asha’s we were asked how could we have possibly gotten lost. Everyone always does. Its not very easy to remember a house we first visited nearly one month previous especially since we were tired from the flight we were driven there and it was in the daylight instead of at night.

The night at Ashas went well and then we headed home.

Myself, Asha and Kelly

Myself, Asha and Kelly

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