ADE Institute 2015 EMEIA Reflection

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ADE Institute 2015 EMEIA Reflection



So another institute down and what a great one it was!

I was honoured to be able to attend this one as an alumni and really enjoyed it. I loved being a board member and all the things we had to do.

It was great being able to share my story in the showcase on Monday am grateful for every single person who talked to me after in person or online. Thank you!

Sharing my experience of iTunes U in the workshop was also great. iTunes U has been such a massive part of my life and career for the past four years and it is great to be able to introduce this and all the amazing things it can do. I hope others will consider introducing iTunes U in their colleges and if anyone needs help I am only a PM or email away.

Managing the Sphero section in the STEM playground was also great. I love Sphero and am lucky to have some in my class and I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy playing with them in the playground. (apologies to those who came at the very end when a lot of the Spheros had died!) I also learnt that I really suck at assembling lego robots! Sorry!



Being abe to greet ADEs at registration was also a fantastic opportunity to meet new people. I hope everyone has updated their profiles now!

I have to say a massive thank you to my fellow board members. We are so incredibly lucky to have such a great hard working group and I really hope we get to work together again soon #bestboardever!



Every year I try to bring something home from institute. The first year it was paperless classrooms, then eportfolios. This year what really hit me was the positivity that everyone had. So many of us are alone in our schools and struggling to justify our use of technology to our schools leaders but together at institute we are amongst family, people who know and understand what we are doing and people who give us that reassurance that we are actually doing something right. So this year as well as a few great ideas I picked up I want to bring that home. It is not always easy when there are job cuts and budget cuts but this year I want my classroom and my college to be a happier place to work. Thank you to the ADE community for being so enthusiastic and positive everyone is truly amazing.

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I was also impressed by my PLN this year. Such an amazing group of people who are working hard to train teachers. I wish I had such teachers when I was in college! They have a fantastic group project lined up that I am very excited to see.

I am also excited about my community engagement project. It is an amazing opportunity to put my skills to good use and help my community. Thank you to whoever came up with that idea.

Finally a massive thanks to the Apple Team. None of this would be possible without the hard work of everyone who made this happen. Enjoy Singapore and then some rest.

Remember the world is our classroom and we can reach out for help from fellow experts making anything possible!