App Review – 1000 Crazy Laws

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App Review – 1000 Crazy Laws

Today’s App Review is 1000 Crazy Laws by 3ight LLC.

Did you know that In London, it is a 24-hour detainment if caught sticking gum under a seat on the upper deck of a bus? Or that in South Dakota no horses are allowed into Fountain Inn unless they are wearing pants?

This App is nothing more than a fun trivia App. IThere is not much to the design the facts are simply presented on the screen and you swipe for the next fact. The App combines the crazy with the wonderful laws from all around the world and brings them together in this App.

What I like about this App is unlike others I have tried this App covers the world. Many of these Apps only cover U.S laws. There is also email and Facebook integration so you can share any facts you find. You can also favorite a fact which saves it so you can view it again later.

The idea is simple the result is interesting to download the App for free you can visit HERE

And don’t forget that in Georgia persons under the age of 16 may not play pinball after 11pm!