App Review – 12 days of Christmas

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App Review – 12 days of Christmas

Today’s App review is a follow up on this years 12 days of Christmas App by iTunes .

As mentioned in the first review this App offers a free iTunes item  everyday for 12 days.

Overall I found that last year offered freebies that would be more for my use but this years giveaway was a good mix of items. In the end there was not something that stood out as being fantastic but fair play to them for trying.

The list of giveaways included

  • Day 1  – Maroon 5 Holiday Music Mix – I am not a Maroon 5 fan so gave this a miss.
  • Day 2  – Score Classic Goals App – Not a big fan of sports so gave this a miss too.
  • Day 3  – A Study in Pink – Sherlock – downloaded it to see what it was like and wasn’t bad.
  • Day 4  – Rachel’s Holiday iBook by Marian Keynes – I don’t do girly movies/ books so gave this a miss.
  • Day 5  – Holiday Gift by Ed Sheeran Music – Not a fan again so another miss unfortunately.
  • Day 6  – Sonic Jump App. I was excited by this and it was probably the best offering so far.
  • Day 7  – Toy Story Toons; Small Fry & Hawaiian Vacation – call me a big kid but this was kind of cool.
  • Day 8  – The Pillars of the Earth iBook by Ken Follett – a great addition to my reading list.
  • Day 9  – The xxmas EP by The xx. – I had no idea who these were but tried and wasn’t a fan.
  • Day 10 – The Photo Cookbook Ap – not had a chance to try it out properly yet but looks like a pretty cool addition to my cooking Apps.
  • Day 11 – Little Things Music Video by One Direction – Big fat pass on this one.
  • Day 12 – Shark Dash App by Gameloft – A good end to 12 days and an ok App to get a will review it once i have a chance to play it more.

Overall I was a bit disapointed not to get a free Big Fish or G5 game like we had in previous years but can’t complain about getting so much for free.

To be in with a final chance to get Shark Dash download the App today HERE