App Review – 12 Days of Christmas

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App Review – 12 Days of Christmas

Today’s App review is 12 Days of Christmas by iTunes.

This App created by iTunes gives users a free iTunes download every day. This can be a book, app, song, tv episode etc and I have been downloading the App every Christmas over the past few years.

I always get excited and wait up until 12am to get the next days App. In the past I remember getting great games such as Broken Sword, books like Life of Pi and TV shows like Father Ted so I am looking forward to this year.

The App runs from 26 December to 6 January and users get a nice selection of freebies.

Unfortunately this App is unavailable in the US for reasons i don’t quite understand.

Check back on the 6th January when I will give a list of all our freebies but for the meantime go no further until you download the App from HERE