App Review – 4oD

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App Review – 4oD

Today’s App Review is 4oD by Channel Four. In the days of Netflix, Hulu and other online players it is hard to find ones that work well on devices. 4oD features playback of a large selection of reality tv shows and movies. I love shows like Undercover Boss and Kitchen Nightmares but often find myself missing them on TV so this is the best grab and go option. The search function is easy to use and after watching a few short ads the show or movie of your choice is ready to go.

As a TV channel Channel 4 offers a lot of reality tv shows so expect the App to reflect this and don’t go looking for an episode of CSI. That being said those kind of shows can be viewed on Netflix and I find that both Apps perfectly compliment eachother in that sense. If I am looking for a regular TV show I use my Netflix App and if I am looking for a laugh or some reality then 40D is definitely where to go.

The content selection is not as extensive as on the TV Channel or on Channel 4’s website but there is definitely more than enough for casual viewing. The App does say that it is not available outside of the UK and viewing is limited in Ireland but I have yet to encounter an issue to that effect.

The best point is that this App is subscription free so unlike the likes of Netflix it costs nothing to download and nothing to use so is available for all users.

To download the App and see what it has to offer you can find it HERE.