App Review – Apollo

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App Review – Apollo

Today’s App Review is Apollo by Team Apollo.

There are many browser Apps out there and when I got my first iOS devices I downloaded a lot of them yet still went back to Safari which is what I have used for the past few years since.

A couple of weeks ago I came across Apollo App and all I can say is bye bye Safari. This App introduces perfect tabbed browsers making it a lot easier to browse the internet on your device.

Another cool function is that you can have split screen viewing for videos. So you can have a video playing on the top portion of your device whilst browsing on the bottom of the screen.

I think my all time favorite thing about this App however is the fact that it has quick link buttons so you can reach your favorite social networking site, news site etc in one click.

The only improvement I would make is if you could add your own quick links.

This App is free and can be downloaded from here