App Review – April Fool

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App Review – April Fool

Today’s App Review is April Fool by rise uP! It is 1st April tomorrow so we all know that means a day of tricks and treats. If you’re stuck for ideas to fool your friends this is an ok  App. The pranks are mostly office based and suggest  things like ‘tape down the phone button on the phone so when the phone starts ringing and they pick it up it will keep ringing”. Another featured task is called Drinking Rotten milk and the aim is to add food coloring or marshmallows to milk and gross people out by drinking it.

The App has some good ideas but none that would really work for me. There are a few annoying things such as constant pop-ups but my big hate is that the screen colors features a green to yellow horizontal gradient with white text making it extremely hard on the eyes to read so much so that I gave up on the App after reading just a few ideas.

If you find an interesting prank you can choose to email it or bookmark it for later.

The App is free so if you are stuck for ideas on how to fool you can check it out HERE