App Review- Awesome Photo Calendar

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App Review- Awesome Photo Calendar

Today’s App Review is Awesome Photo Calendar by Kim Jong Seok.

If your like me you will probably take random daily photos on your phone of everything from road signs, to food, animals, puddles and more.
Because of this I have tried several times to take part in things like project 365 where you take a picture a day for 365 days. I usually do take the photo but would forget to log it. This App does just that for you as well as creating a pretty cool looking calendar.

The App links up with your camera roll and inserts your pictures into the dates on the in-app calendar. This way you can click on the days and see the photos you have taken.

I think if nothing else this is good for logging photos and remembering days. There are more than enough templates available in the free option but if you want more there is a paid  option too.

The App can be downloaded here.