App Review – Be Funky

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App Review – Be Funky

Today’s App Review is Be Funky by Be Funky A.S.

This App is a fun photo editor and has some great built in effects.

For a free App it is really good and has a lot of effects for free such as a wide selection of color effects and frames that other Apps charge for. There are optional expansion packs for more effects which cost 79 cent each but I found there was more than enough themes within the free App to do me and I had a lot of fun.
One of my favorite effects is beautify which adds a simple glow to the pictures which I found made quite a difference in just one simple click. I also love the color edits with the blue and pink effect being my favorite.

There are hundreds of more Apps like this but this one stands out for value for more or your free click. There is definitely space on my iPhone for it.

You can download the App here