App Review – Blendamaze

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App Review – Blendamaze

Today’s App Review is Blendamaze by Borderleap LLC

My new favorite App is Blendamaze. The App depends entirely on balance and trying to balance your iPad and tilt and turn at the right time to turn your ball a right combination of colors. There are several different levels, each having 30 puzzles each. In the first set you have primary colors which require you to mix blues, yellows and reds. That is tricky but you get used to the color makeups and soon all you worry about is getting your balance right. However, no sooner do you get used to this then you are on to the secondary colors which add in the purples, greens, pinks and oranges.

After just a day playing I haven’t gotten much further than that so the rest will be a surprise but it is really worth the try and extremely addictive and be prepared to create some very colorful canvases because after dipping the ball in paint you have to expect it to still be wet.

To get the App you can download it from HERE.