App Review – Can I eat it ?

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App Review – Can I eat it ?

Today’s App Review is Can I eat it ? by the OTHER media. Ever wonder what’s in your food? This is probably one of the best Apps to tell you just that. All you need to do is scan the barcode on the food type and the App will give you instant information about the salt, sugar and saturated fats. In addition to this the App indicates the presence of ingredients such as lactose or caffeine as well as the suitability for diet needs such as vega, diabetic, organic, fair trade.

The App features over 1000 different food products and also a large database of drinks. It lists products from the main food-chains including Aldi, Marks and Spencers and Tesco.

With all the additives in our food these days this explains things simply so anyone can tell the ingredients without having to skim through the lists of chemicals and percentages on a pack. Unfortunately the App does not yet indicate the presence of horse meat in products but who knows what future updates may bring.

The App costs €1.99 and can be downloaded from HERE.