App Review – Cliff Notes

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App Review – Cliff Notes

Today’s App Review is Cliff Notes Study Guide by gWiz. LLC

Having a pretty terrible English teacher in school I relied heavily on Cliff Notes and other study guides to get me through and now they are available on iOS devices. Oh how I wish I had an iPad back when I was at school!!

The App includes notes on all the main texts from Wuthering Heights to MacBeth and allows you to study at your own pace. There are different options available where a student can decide at which pace they want to learn they can either take the ‘Cram Plan’ which I guess you would choose if there was an upcoming exam or choose a ‘Full Study Plan’.

Just like in the text books the App comes with quizzes, character analysis and much more.

The App itself is free and has several free revision guides while others cost 1.79 which all in all is not that steep for what you get.

So for any exam student lucky enough to have an iPad all I can say is that you should instantly go and download it from here.