App Review – Coin Dozer.

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App Review – Coin Dozer.

Today’s App Review is Coin Dozer by Game Circus

Coin Dozer is one of those waste a bunch of time Apps that is so unbelievably crap but also so unbelievably addictive. Coin Dozer is also a game that brings back childhood memories of going to a games arcade and begging for 1p and 2p coins so that I could put them in the coin machines.

The aim of the game is to get prizes. The more coins you get the better but you also need to get the big prizes like diamonds and and teddy bears. Once you complete full sets of rewards you get rewarded with bonus features like more coins. Of course not as good as the real life game but cheaper and you can play it while watching the tv on a lazy day.

What’s best though is that I always had the original but have just discovered they also released Cookie Dozer and a bunch of other versions and they are all free. I predict an exciting evening ahead of me!

To get Coin Dozer go HERE