App Review – Conundra

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App Review – Conundra

Today’s App Review is Conundra by Sarah Pierce. If you’re looking for a challenging word App this is definitely one I can recommend. The game has you choose from two different selections either 6-7 letter words or 8-10 letter words and has three difficulty levels of practice, easy and medium. Once you select your level you then have to unscramble the letters to create a word. Honestly I totally sucked at this App the first few times I tried and and got maybe 1/5 right each round but after a while my brain got into the challenge and I found myself getting better and better.

It took a while to move beyond the practice level which given that it is to be considered a practice I still found it challenging when it presented me with words like fascia, vertex which aren’t exactly in my everyday vocabulary. That being said it is frustratingly, mind boggling but in a good way and it boosts you confidence as your scores improve. It turns into an App you really do not want to put down.

I would consider it great spelling and language practice for users although feel it is geared towards a more advanced vocabulary skill group than for kids.

A great feature of the App is that it records your scores so you can check on your stats whenever you want to see your progress. For me the improvements were gradual I didn’t become a genius at it in a day but it certainly paid off and I learnt some new words along the way too.

The basic version of the App is free with option in-App purchases and can be downloaded from HERE.



also have a maths app