App Review – Diptic

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App Review – Diptic

Today’s App Review is Diptic by Peak Systems. There are many different types of photo collage Apps but the problem that I often find is that although some many have funky shaped frames quite often an image cannot be edited or moved around whilst in them meaning a persons head is chopped off or the image is otherwise oddly placed. Diptic is offers a great range of frame options which let you choose how many images you want to use. After choosing images from your camera roll or taking new images the App places them and then the real full begins.

All the frames can be edited for thickness, shape and color effects. There are also edit points which allow you to drag points of the frame so that you can create your own shaped frames. This is a feature that some developers often miss out on. You can also rotate and flip images.

My favorite feature of the App is that you  can edit and add effects to the images so can change them to b&w, sepia, cyan and more. My favorite color edit is cross process which in cases where there is more than one photo you are given the option to edit the color tones of any or all images so that they match eachother. This is a pretty simple and quick fix if say one photo has more yellow tones can another.

The one downside to the App is that I find the text effect very limited and although you can change the font style and color it is tricky to change the text size which is by default very small. I am considering purchasing an option text effects add-on which should help with this problem.

The basic App costs 89cent and you get a large selection of frame patterns, colors, effects etc there are also 6 optional add-ons available. Costing 89 cent each they offer extra textures and text effects.

There is full social media integration so once complete you can share your creations with your friends or alternatively save hem to your camera roll.

To get the App you can download it from HERE