App Review – Don’t Drop Ball

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App Review – Don’t Drop Ball

Today’s App Review is Don’t Drop Ball by Nob Studio. I am a big fan of ball balancing games like Aerox and this App is very similar but with a twist. The App itself is very good and you have to try and get the ball around the circuit without crashing which is quite challenging. However, after a few levels when you are getting into it you encounter the ‘twist’. Even though I had previously read about what was going to happen I had gotten into the App and having a lot of fun and my eyes were so focused on keeping the ball in line that when that so-called twist came along I was kind of taken by surprise.

The App is fun and I think it would definitely make a good April Fools prank. The only complaint is that I wish there was an option to play without the prank. The App is really good and would be a perfect game if the developers were to consider using the design as an option within this App or as an other App.

I should add that the App description warns that the in-app surprise may cause people to drop your device and break it. I don’t think this is likely but just in case it does happen I did warn you!

To get the free App and fool your friends you can download it from HERE