App Review – Dreamdays – Countdown to the days that matter.

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App Review – Dreamdays – Countdown to the days that matter.

Today’s App Review is Dreamdays by Yao Liu.

We all have reminder Apps and calendars but it is hard to find a good countdown and I really like counting down to events. I usually just used browser based countdowns after trying and failing with some Apps but then I found Dreamdays.

Dreamdays comes with some countdowns automatically added for example now it tells me it is 24 days to Valentines day but you can also add in your own countdowns. You just add in the event name, category and date and off you go. There is also an option to repeat annually which is especially handy for birthdays. You can also add your own wallpaper background from your camera roll/ photos to the countdown as well as adding a voice memo if you want. There is also integration capability with social media.

I will no longer rely on web-based options because this App is now a Staple on all my devices. The only criticism I do have is that I cannot sync the events between devices so they had to be all added on each device.

There are some bugs in the App for example if you try to take a photo for your wallpaper the App may freeze on that screen. That has happened me a few times. Hopefully that issue will be resolved in a future update.

The lite version of this App is free (with full version if you want for 89cent) to download it you can visit HERE.