App Review – Instant Poetry HD

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App Review – Instant Poetry HD

Today’s App Review is Instant Poetry by Razeware. With Instant Poetry everyone can be a poet. Whether you want to write a love poem, birthday wishes or just express your thoughts this App is the perfect way to create beautiful poetic creations. To begin you choose one of four different themes it offers these include – love, sadness, passionate or default. Once selected the App will choose a group of words associated with the theme and you can drag them wherever you are across the screen. The font can them be changed and you can add a background image of your choice.

Like I mentioned this is definitely a fast way to be creative. The downside I would find however is the fact that you have to rely on the words the App chooses according to the chosen theme and cannot just type in your own words which is a bit of a drawback as some other Apps do allow this.

The concept of the App is great but would be made better if the App did allow you to add in your own words as you could then add specific details like names which would make the poems more personal. Perhaps this may be considered for a future update.

This disadvantage does have one upside though in that if you are stuck for words at least the App is there to help it would just be great if both options were available.

The App costs €1.79 and can be downloaded from HERE