App Review – Introduction English A

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App Review – Introduction English A

Today’s App Review is Introduction English Vol. A by MNPLAY ALL

As an English as a Second language teacher this appeal was a must have especially when I noticed it was free for the day. It is quite a big download and full of videos so took some time but it was definitely worth the wait.
This volume covers topics such as the weather and talking about hobbies which is exactly the type of material my classes would be covering so it was a welcome aid to my classroom preparation.

Each section comes with multiple videos as well as transcripts which most certainly add to the accessibility factor.

As a teacher I cannot give this App enough praise be it from the side of a teacher or for a student needing that extra help.

There are 3 other Apps from the same collection with added content. I was lucky enough to get this App for free it normally costs 11.99 which may seem steep but for the amount of content it is well worth the money. To get the full collection will cost you almost 50 but compared to many books it is a nice portable interactive option.

To download the App you can visit here.