App Review – Irish Road Signs

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App Review – Irish Road Signs

Today’s App Review is Irish Road Signs by DNA Studio’s. In Ireland we have to pass a driver theory test before we can even take driving lessons and the main preparation for this theory test are a test cd for computers or a book both of which are very costly and I have often wondered why no one ever made an App. A lot of people have iOS devices so it only makes sense and you could easily do the practice quizzes on the go instead of having to sit down and study.

I was excited to finally see an App and despite having already done my theory test I downloaded it to give it a go. Although the description sounded promising the App only had the very basic information and although memories of my own exam are slightly fuzzy I am sure there were far more questions than the App answers.

The App description implies that with this App you will pass your exam the first time. If going for the exam the App is only 89cent so is a cheap way to learn. However, I would also highly recommend doing some revision outside of this because the App is certainly not extensive enough to  give you all the information you need. You should also note that unlike the books or CD it is not approved by the Road Safety Authority.

The best feature is that like the CD you can do a quick test of your knowledge so you can test on the go.

So if you are considering sitting your test soon and want to give the App a go you can download it  from HERE