App Review – Kuvva Wallpapers

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App Review – Kuvva Wallpapers

Today’s App Review is Kuvva Wallpapers by Present Plus BV.

I have decided to switch and do a Mac App for a change. There are many fantastic Mac Apps out there but I find myself and I know others the same forget they exist all the time.

I love customising my laptop and Kuvva is fantastic for this. Once activated the App switches your desktop wallpaper at varied periods. You can decide to update manually or else have it auto update at different times between every hour and once a week.
I find once an hour is a bit much but set mine to once a day. Now I have a nice surprise every morning when I turn on my laptop to a new scene.

There is a wide variety of wallpapers included in the App and fear not if you don’t like the one it chooses you can decide to move on.

So if you have a Mac you can check out the App here.