App Review – Learn Spanish:

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App Review – Learn Spanish:

Today’s App Review is Learn Spanish by Babbel.

I have recently been working with students to create language podcasts for iTunes U and admittedly I have not made any effort to learn or speak foreign languages since leaving school so you could say I am more than a little bit out of practice.

With this in mind I tried to find Apps that would give me the basics and in my searching I came across this App. I really like the App and it’s functionality. I downloaded the Spanish language version but it is also available in German, French and many more.

The App gives basic words and phrases covering everything from introductions to fruit, numbers and animals. What I liked about this App is the way it is designed so that you can hear the pronunication of the words so this helps with your own pronunciation but one thing I have found with any language students I have had is that it is often a case of either their written or spoken language is better so the bonus of this App is that there is a challenge that has you guess what a picture is and this includes correctly spelling the word.

This App has been very useful for me and I actually enjoyed learning the new words. If I ever master Spanish I may considering trying one of their other languages.

So if you are looking to expand your skills or just looking for a little help for an upcoming holiday then I would definitely recommend this App.

You can download it for free HERE