App Review – Light It!

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App Review – Light It!

Today’s App review is Light It! by Softease Tech

The aim of this App is to get all the bulbs to light up. All pieces of the puzzle rotate until they connect up to make the right circuit. This is a fun App and one of those where you start playing and then suddenly it is one hour later and then you think ‘just one more level and I will quit and before you know it the one more level turns to two and three and four….

I really enjoyed this App and while it costs 79cent it was great value for money for what you get back.

There are two options you can either play one of the 60 levels or play against the clock. I am not one for playing games where the time runs out a I tend to panic a bit but I really enjoyed the level mode only downside is that I wish there were more than 60 levels.

I did end up finishing the game and searched and searched for a similar App but none of the others lived up to the same enjoyment level.

You can download the App here