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App Review – LinkedIn

Today’s App Review is LinkedIn by LinkedIn Corporation. Although I have a LinkedIn account I don’t actively used it and only update it every once in a while. I often forget it is there until I am reminded by email that someone wants to connect with me. These usually come on my morning commute and I always decline the suggestion that I download the App instead of using the web-based option.
When prompted this morning I eventually gave in and downloaded it. The email told me I had one new connection request. I managed to accept this request but found it impossible when it came to viewing this persons profile. My patience lasted a maximum of 5 minutes before I gave in and used the web version again.

The way the App is designed presents you with four options; You, Updates, Messages and Groups&More. The You option works fine but I found it hard to find the profile of this newly added connection. Having just given the App a go again I still couldn’t find what I was looking for. For mobile Apps like these the App really does need to be user friendly. Facebook and Twitter work perfectly but LinkedIn should seriously take some advice from them. Mobile Apps are meant to be designed for on the go and the search function was getting me no where fast.

Another massive downside is that I could not edit my profile on my iPad. I am using iOS devices more and more all the time and use them more than I do my laptop these days so accessibility is important. Sure I can update on my phone but for something like this I would prefer a bigger screen.

Also in the short period I used the App it crashed 6 times.

Right now I have moved back to the web based version and like I said I am not a frequent LinkedIn user so this will do but even if I find myself using it more I won’t touch the App until it has a serious upgrade.

To get the App you can download it from HERE.