App Review – Living Organised

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App Review – Living Organised

Today’s App Review is Living Organised by Teamof2

This App is probably the best App I have ever got on sale. I was lucky enough to get it from 9.99 to free and it was really worth clicking that download button.

It is an extensive organiser consisting of a diary, a checklist, task list, expenses list and a vault for records you can also upload files into the files section. This is like a lot of organiser Apps combined into one. The interface is very user friendly with the screen split in two. The left side shows the menu whereas the right hand side of the screen shows the content you choose to view.

In addition to this you can also send information to friends and become their ‘partners’ within the App.

An added bonus is that the App comes with a password lock so your information is secure within it which is the case in some financial based Apps but not in most reminder Apps.

The App is ordinarily quite expensive, like I said I did get it free. The full price is quite steep but like I said it is like a lot of different Apps in one.

You can download the App from HERE