App Review – Logos Quiz

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App Review – Logos Quiz

Today’s App review is Logos Quiz by Atico Mobile is one of those Apps that will drive you absolutely crazy and at the same time you can’t put it down.

The idea of the App itself is fairly simple. The user is presented with levels full of different well known logos and you need the company the logo represents to go the the next level.

Starting off there are some easy one like KFC, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Apple….sure who wouldn’t know those but then come the ones that you know you know yet can’t think of like Minute Maid or Quizmo Sub. Not being  too interested in cars I found those logos pretty challenging.

There is of course a great sense of accomplishment when you finally do crack it and remember.

The only complaint I would have about the App is that after a while it reaches the impossible and expects you to recognise logos that you probably never would have seen depending on your from. There were many foreign airplane logos and food chains that I had no hope in guessing but googling the answers added to the challenge.

The App is free but hints cost extra as in-app purchases.

To download the App and give your brain a good workout go here.