App Review – Moto Racer.

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App Review – Moto Racer.

Today’s  App Review is Moto Racer by Anuman Interactive.

I often go through flash back phases trying to find old games from my childhood. I grew up on Doom, Quake, Moto Racer and The Sims and one day Moto Racer racing game suddenly popped into my head and I wondered if they ever made it into an App.

And the answer – yes of course they did!! Or I wouldn’t be writing this review now would?

The App is everything I remember the PC game to be and more. It really does the original justice. I struggled getting used to the controls. Quite a bit different to the joy-stick I used back in the day but all in all this is a really good racing game for players old and new. The visuals take a bit of getting used to and do cause the initial head-spinning effect but that settles after a lap…or two.

The App is free and contains some in-app purchases for extras.

Download the App here.