App Review – My Script Calculator.

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App Review – My Script Calculator.

Today’s App Review is My Script Calculator by Vision Objects.

I am currently working with a Maths teacher to create an iTunes U Collection and was wondering how we could bring Maths into the digital age and was looking out for technology but not being a massive fan of maths didn’t know where to start.

Then I found this App. It is a great resource for students and teachers. All you do is draw the maths equation on screen and the App magically transforms your writing into text and even better than that it also solves the equation for you. Being absolutely useless at maths I find it pretty impressive that this App can do that.

A few of my students who also study maths have started using this App and the results are great. One student who never had an interest in maths and always considered herself a failure at it said it has helped her to finally understand it.

The App isn’t limited to + and – it also does percentages and complex equations. There is ¬†also full social media and email integration

So as a student or a teacher or just someone interested in maths I would definitely recommend checking out this free App.

To download the App you can visit HERE.