App Review – Nearpod

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App Review – Nearpod

Today’s App Review is Nearpod by Panarea.

When I first used iPads with students I didn’t quite know where to start and spent hours upon hours transferring Apps and content onto 14 iPads. If I had discovered this App then that whole ordeal could have been prevented. Nearpod works on a student /teacher basis when a teacher signs in and sets up all interactive presentations. After the presentations are created on the teachers device students can then login and see the content. This works really well in a classroom situation and is tons more exciting to use than the traditional powerpoint print outs.

My favorite feature is that there are interactive quizzes and Q&A’s so students can test their knowledge or ask questions as they go along. There are also drawing tools available as well as web-page integration which combining all these features leads to an interesting and creative classroom experience.

This App could work in any learning environment and outside of the classroom I think the concept would work quite well in a conference situation especially when using the integrated polls or questions and answers.

Since discovering this App I have redesigned the way I teach with iOS devices and it has really helped me give structure to my classes.

The App is free for both students and teachers so as well as being a great organisation learning tool it is also easily accessible by all.

To download the App you can visit HERE.