App Review – Opuss

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App Review – Opuss

Today’s App review is Opuss by Seamonster Ltd.

Opuss is one of those Apps that I was not looking for at the time but stumbled across. There are many different writing and reading Apps out there but this one really inspires creativity and gives you motivation to write. I have been writing for as long as I can remember between been a journalist and blogging and have taken part in things like Script Writing Frenzy and Nanowrimo but with current work and other commitments I had started slacking off and not bothering anymore until this App came along.

I must admit what attracted me to the App was the paw print logo but once inside the idea of the App is genius. There are different sections with cute names directing you to where you want to go. For example the App works similar to twitter in that you follow and have followers. The feed section  shows you what the people you follow are dishing up. Top shows the top posts, compose allows you to create your own, find which has the logo of a dog helps you explore and profile which has the logo of the cat lets you change your bio info.

I will stop before I spoil anymore but as writing Apps go this is the best designed concept I have found and I will definitely be exploring this App more.

Best of all the app is free and can be downloaded here.