App Review – Pet First Aid.

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App Review – Pet First Aid.

Today’s App Review is Pet First Aid by Jive Media. For every pet owner there is always the worry of an emergency situation where an animal eats what they shouldn’t or gets bitten by an insect or gets in a fight etc. Two days ago my youngest cat came in licking her lips I couldn’t figure out why until I discovered a half eaten chocolate cake the next day! By that stage she had slept it off and obviously must not be allergic to chocolate but it could have been one of those ‘oh no what do I do’ situations.

Pet First Aid App is great for instances just like this. The App is suitable for dog and cat owners and offers advice about everything from treating bites and stings, training for emergency situations such as drowning, bleeding and chocking, advice on giving pills as well as telling you what is normal for your pet when it comes to heart rate, pulse, temperature etc. As well as giving text and picture illustrations there are also great videos that you can watch.

A real bonus to this App is that you can also add in your own pets details. I don’t know how many times a vet has asked me what ear drops or flea treatments I normally use on my vet or when was their last vaccination. While I have all that info I usually forget to bring it with me so this App is a massive help.  You can also add microchip numbers in there which I never usually carry around with me.

The App is by no means a replacement to a vet so in a real emergency do get to a vet asap but it is a great resource for information.

To get the App you can download it from HERE.