App Review – Pipe Roll

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App Review – Pipe Roll

Today’s App review Pipe Roll by Navigation-Info Kft.

When wondering what to do I came across this App and have really enjoyed it. There are around 100 levels and the aim of the game is to connect all pipes up so that the start and end point colours match up. Some levels match up easy others take time and end in frustration followed by a sense of achievement.

There is not much else to the game other than connecting up the pipes but it is a great time waster and something to do on that rainy day. It didn’t take me long to get through the levels maybe a few hours and I was done. When I discovered it was the end I panicked because I thought it would take forever to find a similar game that I would enjoy so much but was really happy to discover that Navigation Info also have Pipe Roll New York, Pipe Roll Winter, Pipe Roll birds and a few more so there is plenty to keep you going. My current favorite is Pipe Roll New York.

Downloaded HERE