App Review – Quick Fictions.

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App Review – Quick Fictions.

Today’s App Review is Quick Fictions by Aimer Media. Many of us live lives where we plan on ready books but never get around to it well this App makes that process either. It has a large selection of short stories that are the perfect length for a short commute or coffee break. Well-written and creative they are long enough to open up your imagination and short enough to not take long to read.

The selection is endless, I don’t know how many stories exist in total but I have been through a fair few and still have more. All you have to do is flick to a new story. There are no categories or genres to choose from making every story a new and exciting experience so even if your not liking a story a new one is one a flick away. The contributors are all established writers so the quality of writing is guaranteed. If you find a favorite story you can save it for later and if you stumble across a writer you like you can search and see if they have any more stories.

You can also email or share stories on social media for others to view.

Not only is this good for reading it is also a great resource for creative writers who are looking for ideas for new pieces.

The App is free and can be downloaded from HERE.