App Review – Random Name Selector

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App Review – Random Name Selector

Today’s App Review is Random Name Selector by Walsall Academy. This App is a perfect tool for any teachers. If you have ever been in a situation where you have to randomly select students this App is a great help especially if you are afraid of missing out students. With some of my classes I only have the students for 10 weeks so for the initial classes I often miss out on some names and it is only natural to pick the student’s whose names you remember first.

The App is great because you can add in groups so you can divide students by class groups and then in the groups you put in the student names. Once lists are created you are ready to go and all you have to do is click on the ? and you have your result. There are no limitations on how many names or groups you can have and an added bonus is that if there are students who need to be left out or are for example absent that day they can be temporaily excluded from the selection.

The App is not limited to the classroom and could also be used for quiz nights, parties or other social events or could even be used as a decision which meal to cook for dinner or what tv show to watch all you have to do is add the options to a list.

The App comes free but with ads which may be removed with an in-App purchase of €1.79. The ad pop-ups occur quite often and I found them fairly irritating and do slow down the process so I would recommending considering this purchase if you find the App is what you are looking for. I do think though that it is pricey to pay that much for ad removal when many apps charge about 99cent for the same.

To download this App you can find it HERE.