App Review – Skyfire Web Browser

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App Review – Skyfire Web Browser

Today’s App Review is Skyfire Web Browser by Skyfire.

I have always been asked does the iPad have flash and I have also heard a lot of people posting/ saying negative things about the iPad because of the absence of flash. To be honest I have never had this problem or missed having flash on my devices but I know everyone is different. In the hunt for a solution I have tried several Apps out so at least I have an answer for people and this App really does the job for me.

Skyfire acts as a browser and all you do is open up the App and work away as if you were using Safari and all websites work perfectly. I have tried a few with positive results. The only thing I noticed is that there is a delay in opening websites I guess this is so the flash feature can kick in. Because of this I would recommend using this as a back up browser instead of your primary browser.

Although this is a fantastic App like I said I don’t have a whole lot of use for it so have it in a folder and still use Safari. That being said it does what it says and works perfectly. So if you are one of the people missing flash or if the absence of flash is a deciding factor for you then I would definitely recommend this App and it is free too which is always a plus.

To get the App you can download it from HERE.