App Review – Smart Office 2.

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App Review – Smart Office 2.

When it comes to creating content on your iPad you are probably looking for something similar to Microsoft Office.

I automatically downloaded Pages, Keynote and Numbers on my iPad but that is mainly because I have those on my Mac so it makes sense for me. I find they are easy to use and I have even made full Keynote presentations on it. If I am taking notes I would use Pages. I am not really a numbers person so have little use for Microsoft Excel or Numbers but Numbers does work pretty well from what I have seen.

However, these Apps are fairly expensive at €7.99 each so if you are looking for something a bit cheaper there is Smart Office 2 which costs €7.99 and includes Microsoft Office applications where you can create and view as well as Drop Box and Google Docs integrations and an inbuilt printer feature. In the end it works out at 1/3 of the cost. There are cheaper options out there but I found this one worked really well.

I was lucky to get the App for free so keep a look out for that. Otherwise it is expensive but worth it and can be downloaded from here.