App Review – Social Stats

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App Review – Social Stats

Today’s App review is Social Stats by 77 Agency.

I use Social Media statistics in my class all the time and students have to look up facts for their research projects so it is great to have discovered this App which includes them all region by region. For example a simple search I did showed that 422,280 people aged 22-38 in Chile like Facebook for iPhone.

Another search showed that 13,800 people aged 13-38 in Central African Republic like Justin Bieber. This compares to 1,125,90 people of the same age group in the UK.

The App uses Facebook data, likes and ad campaigns to calculate these statistics. It is interesting to just have a look at as an individual but can also benefits businesses who may be looking in to starting a Facebook ad campaign.

I would definitely recommend download this App even just to see how many people like your favorite food or music.

You can download it from HERE